Guess who has a Job at...
— Trish's catchphrase
Trish De La Rosa
Trish De la Rosa (3)
Biographical Information
Full Name

Patricia Maria Trish McCoy


Trish (by everyone)
The Great Trishini
Trishita Bonita
Silly Goose




March 16, 1992

Resides in

Miami, Florida


Artist Manager
Shredder's Beach Club Party Planner
Many jobs fired/quit from


Sonic Boom, Team Austin & Ally/Austin & Ally Music Factory

Physical Description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal Information

Mr. de la Rosa (father)
Mrs. de la Rosa (mother)
J.J. de la Rosa (brother)
Prince (pet dog)
Chuck McCoy (husband)
Magnolia Rose McCoy (daughter)


Jace (ex-boyfriend)
Trent (ex-boyfriend)
Roger (ex-boyfriend)
Dwyane Wade (celebrity crush)
Chuck McCoy (husband)


Chuck McCoy (husband)

Future Family

Chuck McCoy (future husband)
Magnolia Rose McCoy (daughter)


Austin Moon (best friend)
Ally Dawson (best friend)
Dez Wade (best friend)
Jessie Prescott
Zuri Ross
Garrett Spenger
Delia Delfano


Chuck McCoy (formerly)


Getting her own way
Bossing people around


Bullying, work, exercising

Production Information
First appearance

Bite Club

Last appearance

Bite Club

Portrayed by

Raini Rodriguez

Patricia Maria ''Trish'' McCoy (nee De la Rosa) was one of the major characters of Disney Channel's Austin and Ally. She is a smart, sassy 17-year-old who is the best-friend of shy song-writer, Ally Dawson and soon becomes the manager to both her and famous singer, Austin Moon. She later befriends Dez Wade.

Unlike most characters on the show, Trish has a bright personality. At times she can be nice, but at other times can be rude and greedy (if it involves money). She can also be an easy target of bulling, but this is only once.

Trish can be bitter if someone's rude to her. She has a tough back-bone and can stand up for herself when it matters.

She makes one appearance on I Didn't Do It, 2015 Halloween Special, Bite Club.

Trish is portrayed by Raini Rodriguez.

Biography Edit

Early Years Edit

She was born on 16th March 1992, to a Mr and Mrs De La Rosa, who both loved and cared for their daughter. Although, once Trish's brother, J.J was born a few years later, Trish was sad because it felt like to her that her parents were then giving more attention to him.

Appearances Edit

Bite Club Edit

Trish, along with best-friend, Dez Wade go to the New York Halloween party in Central Park, and then meet, Garrett and Delia, who are attending too. They start to talk and then become friends.

Description Edit

Trish is very cheeky, sassy, rude, smart and nice. She can be very tough and has a very tough backbone. When things involve money, however, she is determined to get her own way. At certain times in her lives, she's also unique in her own way.

Relationships Edit

Delia Delfano Edit

(2015-present; Friend)

Delia and Trish met at the 2015 New York Halloween party event at central park in Bite Club. They became friends after finding out they have lots of things in common.

Garrett Spenger Edit

(2015-present; Friend)

Garret and Trish met at the 2015 New York Halloween party event at central park. They are good friends.

Dez Wade Edit

(2011-present; best friend)

Dez and Trish are best friends, but before they had a off-and on relationship.

Jessie Prescott Edit

(2012-present; friend)

Jessie and Trish are good friends.

Zuri Ross Edit

(2012-present; friend)

Zuri is a very good friend to Trish.

Austin Moon Edit

(2011-present; best friend)

Austin and Trish are best-friends.

Ally Dawson Edit

(2005-present; best friend)

Ally and Trish have been best-friends since they were little.

Carrie Edit

(2014-present; friend)

Carrie and Trish are good friends.