The Rescuers
The Band

Band Name

The Rescuers


Lindy Watson
Logan Watson
Jasmine Kang
Garrett Spenger
Delia Delfano


Lindy - Singer
Logan - Drummer
Jasmine - Bassist
Garrett - Guitarist
Delia - Pianist

The Rescuers is the band formed by Lindy Watson, in the episode, The Rescuers



Count on Me


  • The gang formed the band in The Rescuers.
  • The band was formed when the gang decided to perform to save the Lakeside Dog Rescue, after The Weasels broke up.
  • Due to a miscommunication between Delia and Lindy, the band performed their first gig under the name of "Keep going, we'll do it later".
  • One of Delia's suggestions for the band's name "The Delia Delfano Experience" is a direct reference to Good Luck Charlie's "The Bob Duncan Experience". Incidentally, I Didn't Do It's second season writers previously wrote for Good Luck Charlie. [1]
  • Two of the members are dating - Jasmine and Logan.
  • They are also known as the members of the band, Lindy, Logan, Jasmine, Garrett and Delia.
  • The roles in the band are:
    • Lindy - main singer
    • Logan - drummer
    • Jasmine - bassist
    • Garrett - guitarist
    • Delia - pianist


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