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Season 2 of I Didn't Do It was announced on July 3, 2014 for a 2015 premiere. The cast had their first table read for season 2 on November 21, 2014. It premiered on February 15th, 2015. The finale aired on October 16th, 2015. The season is also the very last of the series due to the show's cancellation. Season 2 was supposed to have 22 episodes, but only produced 19 episodes because of production constrains.


Lindy, Logan, and their friends embark on their sophomore year of high school, whilst having to deal with friendships being tested and their love lives. Lindy develops a love for dogs, fostering them, Logan's love life develops with a first serious girlfriend, Erin, and his relationship with Jasmine for most of the season, which leads them to finally ending up together for good. Meanwhile, Garrett gets a job at Rumble Juice, with a sassy new boss, Betty LeBow, and Delia learns to drive, whilst forming a relationship with Brandon for most of the season. The five best friends know they will be fine, as long as they have each other. In the series finale, the gang form a band and Jasmine and Logan end up together for good.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  1. 02/15/15 - Slumber Partay (201)
  2. 03/01/15 - The Not-So-Secret Lives of Mosquitos and Muskrats (202)
  3. 03/08/15 - Lindy Goes to the Dogs (203)
  4. 03/15/15 - Lindy & Logan Get Psyched! (205)
  5. 03/22/15 - Dog Date Afternoon! (206)
  6. 03/29/15 - Logan Finds Out! (204)
  7. 04/08/15 - Food Fight (208)
  8. 04/19/15 - Stevie Likes Lindy (207)
  9. 05/31/15 - Falling for... Who? (209)
  10. 06/07/15 - Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday (210)
  11. 06/21/15 - Cheer Up Girls (212)
  12. 07/10/15 - Lindy in the Middle (211)
  13. 07/24/15 - Elementary, My Dear Watson (213)
  14. 08/07/15 - Lindy Breaks Garrett (214)
  15. 08/14/15 - Doggie Daddy (215)
  16. 09/11/15 - Drum Beats, Heart Beats (216)
  17. 09/18/15 - The Doctor Is In (217)
  18. 10/02/15 - Bite Club (218)
  19. 10/16/15 - The Rescuers (219)


  • This season has 19 episodes.
  • Unlike season 1, this season's episodes didn't have flashbacks.
  • Jasmine and Logan start dating "for real" and "get back together" in the series finale.
  • Austin said that this season is very relationship-based.
  • This season had fewer episodes than Season 1.
  • Karen Malina White has appeared in every episode in this season except for Food Fight.
  • The finale aired on October 16th, 2015
  • Despite this being a new season, the theme song intro hadn't changed.
  • The premiere episode was Slumber Partay, and the finale was The Rescuers.
  • This season was the last of the series.
  • Lindy and Logan's parents are not seen in this season, but are mentioned.
  • A lot of the episodes this season are focused on Jasmine and Logan's relationship, and all the episodes that are focused on that are all specials about their relationship that are like continuations from the last.
  • There were supposed to be 22 episodes, but only 19 were produced for an unknown reason.
  • According to the writers, this season was about Jogan, which was why most episodes were focused on their relationship, rather than any other couple and why they were specials.[1]
  • Filming for season 2 wrapped up on May 27th, 2015.[2]
  • Logan was meant to get a car this season and start driving, but it never actually happened. Also, due to there originally meaning to be 22 episodes, Jasmine and Logan were meant to be together for more than one episode, but it never happened, therefore, they ended up together at the end of the series, in the series finale
  • Piper Curda said that Jasmine's love life this season is very Logan centred.
  • Friendships are tested a lot this season.


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