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Three years ago I walked into an audition for "Delia, 14, bubbly, odd-ball, hipster..."not knowing it would change my life.
— Sarah talking about the series finale.[1]

Sarah Gilman (born January 18, 1996) is an American actress. She had a noticeable role on Marvin Marvin as Hailey. She portrayed the role of Delia Delfano, an outspoken and very eccentric teenage girl, in the Disney Channel Original Series, I Didn't Do It ​from 2014-2015.


Early LifeEdit

Gilman began her acting career in theatre, landing lead roles in several musicals, including "Narnia," "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" and "Alice." She made her film debut as Margaret in the prize-winning 2011 short film "Hold For Laughs," directed by Amy French as part of the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. [2]


Her television credits include numerous national television commercials and guest star roles in several comedy series, including "Up All Night," "Marvin Marvin" and a recurring role in "Last Man Standing." [2]

Personal LifeEdit

In high school, Gilman was an honor-roll student and was selected as an Advanced Placement Scholar. She was also an all-around athlete and has played several sports for her school, including volleyball, water polo, basketball, softball and soccer. Additionally, she achieved a personal best when she completed the grueling training for the Boys Junior Varsity Football team and made the team. She graduated from high school June 2014.

A native of California, Gilman currently resides in Los Angeles with her parents, sister (when she's home from college), two pugs, four cats, two turtles and a parakeet. [2]

Sarah currently attends University of Southern California Film School. She used a 2:55 minute film called "Pace Yourself" starring Paris Berlec as part of her application to the University.[3] Her first project at school is a movie called "Diary of a Z-Lister."


  • Sarah Gilman played Hailey in Marvin Marvin.                                                           
    Sarah Gilman Nickelodeon 27th Annual Kids y6MZGCZ kDRl

    Sarah when she attended, Kids choice awards 2014.

  • Gilman has worked on projects such as Last Man Standing and Up All Night. 
  • This will be the first time that Sarah will be in the main cast for a television show.
  • She's an ice tea lover.
  • She only has one Instagram account.
  • She's watched Disney's Frozen 5 times.
  • She has a crush on Calum Worthy who stars in Austin & Ally.
  • Her grandpa inspires her.
  • She likes Italian and Japanese food the most.
  • Her fans are called GillyGuppies.
  • Sarah loves living in LA because of the culture and being able to visit the beach and go to Disneyland in one day.
  • Her step-gran is Italian.
  • She's never been to NYC.
  • She knows how to speak some Spanish and Greek.
  • Her favorite Christmas film is Elf.
  • She played tackle football on the boys' team in her sophomore year of high school.
  • Her favorite chick flick is She's The Man.
  • She's learning to play the guitar.
  • One quote Sarah loves is "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles".  
  • She wants to write a novel.
  • Her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.
  • Her favorite places to shop are Forever 21, Target and Trader Joes.
  • She has done a Ustream with Piper. 
  • She would love to learn Italian someday.
  • She couldn't live without ice cream, water and fruit.
  • In 10 years, she'd want to be surrounded with people she loves. She'd want to be somewhere on a movie set filming.
  • She'd want to switch places with her sister, Anna, for one day because her sister is studying abroad in France, and she'd want to be in France.
  • In a boy, she looks for honesty, humor, video games and attractiveness.
  • Her favorite makeup product is eye shadow.
  • Her all time favorite type of clothing is socks.
  • She wouldn't date a guy her parents didn't like because she knows that they have good judgment and trusts them to know what kind of guy is best for her.
  • She has cats. [4]


Year Film Role Notes
2011 Hold for Laughs Margaret Short film
2012 Up All Night Jamie Episode: "Baby Fever"
2012–15 Last Man Standing Cammy 6 Episodes
2013 Marvin Marvin Hailey Episode: "Double Date"
2014 Kroll Show Cardoni's Daughter Episode: "Sponsored by Stamps"
2014–15 I Didn't Do It Delia Delfano Main Role
2016 Alexander IRL Jamie Movie
2016 Late Bloomers (The Chloe & Sage Chronicles) Young Chloe Goldman TV-Movie


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