Racheal Lynn Woodward[1] (professionally known as Raelynn) is an American country singer-songwriter who was also an contestant on the second season on The Voice.[2] She appeared as herself in the I Didn't Do It episode, "Cheer Up Girls", and performed her song, "For A Boy".


Early LifeEdit

Raelynn was born into a very musical family, who sang at a church. At the age of 11, she took an interest in country music, after listening to "Me and Charlie Talking" by Miranda Lambert.[3]


Raelynn appeared in the second season of "The Voice" and made it to the quarter finales.[4] She is currently working on a studio album.[5]


  • Raelynn's full name is Racheal Lynn Woodward.
  • She is a country singer
  • Raelynn was a contestant on "The Voice" in 2012 and made it to the quarter-finals.[6]
  • She appeared in the I Didn't Do It episode, Cheer Up Girls, and performed her song, "For A Boy".
  • She is the first celebrity on the show to perform a song.


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