It's because I love you @eccentricoddity. That's why the world needs to see this.
Sarah tagging Peyton on Instagram.[1]

Peyton and Sarah, also known as Peyrah, is the friendship pairing of Peyton Clark and Sarah Gilman.

For the show pairing, see Delia and Garrett.

Other NamesEdit

  • Sarton (Sar/ah and Pey/ton)
  • Peyrah (Pey/ton and Sa/rah)


  • They followed each other on Twitter.
  • They went to Disneyland together.
  • Sarah posted a picture on Instagram saying early morning smolder with @eccentricoddity.
  • They went to homecoming together with Austin North and Piper Curda.
  • Sarah posted a picture on Instagram saying Peyton is the papa on set #wise #papabeard.
  • Peyton, along with Piper, posted a picture on Sarah's Instagram account.



  • They both have a Twitter account.
  • They both have an Instagram account.
  • They both are part of the main cast for I Didn't Do It.
  • They both have a cat.
  • They have the favorite same episode of I Didn't Do It.


  • Peyton is male and Sarah is female.
  • Sarah is 18 years old and Peyton is 20 years old.
  • Peyton is from Indianapolis, Indiana and Sarah is from Los Angeles, California.
  • Peyton's birthday is in May and Sarah's birthday is in January.


  • It is the first time they work together on a Disney show.
  • It is both of their first times being part of a main cast of a Disney show.


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