Nicholas Podany is a 18 year old actor who portrayed Max in I Didn't Do It.


Early LifeEdit

He had began professional acting since he was in ninth grade, but he started acting on stage when he was 7. He always knew that he wanted to take acting as a career.

Nicholas Podany, born in 1996, is an actor in the Los Angeles and New York areas. He began his professional career onstage at age fourteen and has since then acted both in theater and on film. He is also a musician and a songwriter/composer. He is a member of Group 47 at the Juilliard School in New York.


  • He can tap dance.
  • He took tap classes for around five years.
  • In his spare him he writes, records and composes music.
  • He is in a band called "Across Coves".
  • He knows theatre dance quite well.
  • For the next four years he will be in New York city studying in the BFA Drama program at The Juilliard School.
  • He is good at Jazz dancing.
  • He can play the bass guitar.
  • He can play the piano.
  • He can do  Southern, British and Russian accents.
  • He started acting at a young age.


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