He's the reason I took up the drums.
Keith and I have gotten pretty close.
Logan about him and Keith, in The Rescuers

Logan and Keith is the friendship pairing between Logan Watson and Keith Edwards. They first met in Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday at a night club when Logan filled in for Keith by playing drums when he couldn't make the concert his band were planning to play and they became good friends. Logan revealed in that episode that Keith insipred him to be a drummer and was revealed to be his biggest fan. In The Rescuers, Logan and Keith are shown to still be close and Logan asks Keith for help by performing with his band, The Wheasles, at the benefit concert he and his friends are planning to throw. Keith agrees to help Logan, only to tell him that the band broke up the night before.

Other NamesEdit

  • Logith (Logan/Keith)


Lindy and Logan's BrrrrthdayEdit

Logan and Keith
  • Logan was revealed to be Keith's biggest fan
  • Logan said that Keith was his insperation to be a drummer
  • Logan was listening to Keith's music
  • Logan filled in for Keith as he couldn't attend the concert, because of the snow storm
  • Keith walked over to Logan and wanted to take a picture with him
  • Logan was starstruck when Keith spoke with him
  • They had their picture taken together
  • They were playing the drums together at the end of the episode

The RescuersEdit

Keith and Logan
  • Logan reveals he and Keith have become close friends
  • Logan says that Keith has been giving him drums lessons, whilst Logan in return, has helped Keith find his glasses
  • Keith turns up to Logan's (and Lindy's) house and Logan answers the door when Keith knocks
  • Logan can understand what Keith is saying, whilst Lindy can't.
  • Keith apologises to Logan (and Lindy) when he tells them The Wheasels broke up the night before
  • Keith inspires Logan to form a band.



  • They're both drummers
  • They both have light coloured hair
  • They're both laid back


  • Logan is a teenager, whilst Keith is an adult
  • Keith was part of a band, whilst Logan is part of a band.
  • Logan has dirty blonde hair, whilst Keith has grey hair
  • Keith has brown eyes, whilst Logan has blue eyes
  • Logan is American whilst Keith is British


  • They first met in Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday.
  • Logan is a huge fan of Keith's band, The Wheasles and is his biggest fan.
  • Keith inspired Logan to become a drummer
  • They last interacted in The Rescuers.

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