Logan and Betty is the friendship paring between Logan Watson and Betty LeBow. Even though the two haven't hung out much alone, they are seen to be close. Logan sometimes to Betty for help as shown in Lindy & Logan Get Psyched! and he helps her as shown in Elementary, My Dear Watson when he helps her solve the mystery of her horn missing.

Other Names

  • Letty (Logan/Betty)


Slumber Partay

  • Logan asks Betty what someone at the cost guard does
  • Logan laughs when Betty refers to her name

Lindy & Logan Get Psyched!

  • They are in Rumble Juice
  • Logan asks Betty for help with studying
  • Betty tries to help Logan, but it doesn't work out

Logan Finds Out!

  • Betty, excitedly, finds out that Jasmine likes Logan
  • Betty is revealed to ship Logan with Jasmine

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

  • Betty wants to help to make Logan's (and Lindy's) 16th birthday party special
  • Logan looks at Betty weirdly

Cheer Up Girls

  • Logan asks Betty what is going on when he sees a big crowd of people at Rumble Juice
  • Betty tells Logan about her appearance on the news

Elementary, My Dear Watson

  • Logan offers to help Betty with that her horn has gone missing
  • Betty laughs at Logan
  • Logan knows that Betty has stolen her own horn

The Rescuers

  • Betty seems to enjoy Logan's (and the gang's) performance
  • Betty is very excited and cheering after Logan kisses Jasmine and they become a couple, because she ships them together
  • Logan is smiling and looking at Betty when Jasmine snuggles into him
  • Logan says Betty is right about continuing the band
  • Logan watches Betty run back into Rumble Juice



  • They both have a somewhat cunning side to them
  • They both like Rumble Juice
  • They both like to take the easy way out of stuff
  • They both love The Weasels.
  • They both sometimes refer to themselves in third person.


  • Logan is male, but Betty is female
  • Betty is an adult, but Logan is a teenager
  • Logan plays the drums, but Betty doesn't
  • Betty works, but Logan doesn't
  • Logan's eyes are blue, but Betty's are brown
  • Betty's hair is black, but Logan's is blonde
  • Logan's skin is lighter than Betty's
  • Logan knows more about modern technology than Betty does
  • Logan is dating someone, (Jasmine) but Betty isn't
  • Logan is in a serious relationship, (with Jasmine) but Betty isn't



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