If you see Lindy, tell her not to talk to Logan. Now that he got back together with Erin, I would die if he ever found out I liked him.
Jasmine confessing her crush to Logan, when she thinks she's talking to Garrett

"Logan Finds Out!" is the sixth episode in Season 2 of I Didn't Do It. It premiered on March 29, 2015 in the US, as well as on May 14th, 2015 in the UK. It is the 26th episode overall.


After Logan gets dumped by his girlfriend, Lindy and Delia inadvertently learn Jasmine likes him. In fear he may not feel the same, Jasmine begs her friends to keep her secret.[1]



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Delia: (to Jasmine and Logan, about the play she wrote) I wrote the parts just for you
Logan: Oh, no can do Delz. All my free time is taken up by my new girlfriend. Oh, did I mention I have a girlfriend?
Delia: Yes, you told us. And we got your text..and your email
Jasmine: (in a jealous tone) And we saw your t-shirt, "I got a girlfriend, ask me how"
Logan: You wanna know how?
Jasmine and Delia: No!

(After Logan leaves Rumble Juice with Erin)
Lindy:You okay, Jaz?
Jasmine: (holds back tears) No, but... I will be.
Lindy:You know I'm always here for you, right?
Jasmine: Of course.
(Lindy and Jasmine hug)

(Jasmine walks up to Lindy and Logan)
Jasmine: Hey, guys!
Lindy: Hi...
Logan: Hey...
Jasmine: (fake smiles, almost cries) So, I heard you and Erin got back together. That's... great!
Logan: Thanks! And I heard... nothing.

Garrett: So, you okay?
Jasmine: (sarcastically) I'm great, couldn't be better. (Slams locker hard enough, to cause her chandler to break)
Garrett: I think you're mini chandelier just broke
Jasmine: (sarcastically) Ya think?
Garrett: Listen, Jas. I know why you're upset
Jasmine: What are you talking about?
Garrett: You don't have to pretend. I know you like Logan.
Jasmine: I don't like Logan, why would you say that?
Garrett: I heard you say it. You were talking to yourself.
Jasmine: (slams Garrett up to a locker) WHO ELSE KNOWS ABOUT THIS?!
Garrett: Nobody, I didn't tell anyone!
Jasmine: Good! Because if you do, that chandelier won't be the only thing in pieces! (puts Garrett down, sadly) Seriously, I would be so embarrassed if Logan found out, especially now that he has a girlfriend.
Garrett: I promise I won't tell anyone
Jasmine: Good
Garrett: When did you start liking him?
Jasmine: (sighs) Remember last year when Logan and I pretended to be a couple? Well, the longer we pretended, the less I felt like pretending
Garrett: So, he's got two girls that like him, and I take yoga with my mom. I hope the universe is enjoying itself.

(Jasmine walks into the basement)
Jasmine: Hey
Logan: Oh, hey Jas
Jasmine: Is Lindy here?
Logan:She'll be home soon
Jasmine: Cool. (sits down) So, how was the anniversary?
Logan: Ah, it was awesome. We had so much fun. We even got temporary forever tattoos. (pulls up sleeve) It's gone! Oh, that's right. I took a shower
Jasmine: (has a dreamy look on her face) Well, I'm glad you had fun
Logan: Yeah, it's pretty great being part of a couple. I mean, Erin's my first real girlfriend
Jasmine: (sarcastically) Yay
(Logan's phone bleeps and he walks over to it. Jasmine looks away awkwardly and embarrassed)
Logan: (reads text) I can't believe this
Jasmine: What's wrong?
Logan: She dumped me. Erin dumped me
Jasmine: What? Why?
Logan: Probably cause I let her move into my locker
Jasmine: (in a caring tone) You don't know that
Logan: Yes, I do. It was too soon, kay? I flew too close to the sun Jas, too close to the sun!
Jasmine: Aw, Logan, I'm so sorry. Come here
(Jasmine and Logan hug. Logan srokes Jasmine's hair, making her smile)

(After the performance)
Delia: (smiles) Great job, Lindz
Lindy: (smiles) Thanks!
(Lindy and Delia hug)

Delia: Uh, before we get started, I just wanna say thank you guys so much for being in my scene.

Lindy: Aw, thank you for bringing me back to THE THEATER!
Delia: Well, its really just a classroom.
Lindy: Well yeah I know its just how theater people talk about the theater!
Garrett: I'm excited to! Well, actually I was going to quit but then I thought about it and thought it might be nice for me to try something new. You know, get out of my comfort zone.
Lindy: I didn't know you had a comfort zone.
Garrett: Well, I don't but I thought maybe If I started saying I did I might actually get one!
Delia: So I wrote this scene about the faithful day when I was 12 and my dad told me he wished I've been a boy.
Lindy: Deelz, that's so sad.
Delia: He didn't actually say that. No, he adores me but drama is about conflict so I had to make some stuff up.
Lindy: [To Garrett] That's called dramatic license, [to Delia] hes not really a theater person.
Delia: I wish I had known that you were. Okay, lets get started and remember there are no bad choices.
Garrett: I think my character should have a mustache.
Delia: Except for that one. Okay, now this is just reading through the script so no acting necessary. [Reads Script] We open our family kitchen, Delia's dad is reading the paper when Delia enters. Whenever you ready.
Lindy: [Reads Script] Hi dad, I'm home from school. [Notices Garrett isn't responding] Hi dad, I'm home from school. Garrett it's your line.
Garrett: I've just counted and I've got 17 lines. That's an awful lot.
Lindy: You know, since Garrett is feeling a little nervous I'd be happy to take a few of his. You know, for sake of the piece.
Garrett: Thanks Lindy.

Lindy: You don't have to thank me, its just how we do things in THE THEATER!

Garrett: So, Rumble Juice after school?

Lindy: Wait a sec, still in character. [takes off sunglasses] Yeah, Rumble Juice sounds fun. Hey did you hear Logan got dumped by his girlfriend?
Garrett: He did? Wow, does Jasmine know?
Lindy: Yeah, shes the one who told me.
Garrett: Did she say anything else?
Lindy: No, what else would she say?
Garrett: Nothing!
Lindy: Okay, What is it?
Garrett: What is what?
Lindy: I know you. Your hiding something.
Garrett: No, I'm not. Hey lets do some of those vocal thingies. [Makes firetruck noises]
Lindy: Garrett, you know something and your going to tell me what it is! Now, we could do this the easy way or we could do this the hard way.
Garrett: Whats the hard way?
Lindy: Your not gonna like it.
Garrett: Well then, whats the easy way?
Lindy: Your not gonna like that either.
Garrett: Is there a third way?
Lindy: Yeah but, your not gonna like it.
Garrett: Jasmine likes Logan

Lindy: Haha that's funny, for a minute I thought you said WHAT?!

Jasmine: Well, I'm here. What do you guys want to tell me?

Lindy: Okay, I'm just gonna rip the bandage off. We know you like Logan.
Jasmine: (grabs Garrett by his collar) YOU TOLD!!
Garrett: (scared) I couldn't help it, Lindy threatened me!
Lindy: Jaz, let him go.

Delia: Yeah, don't hurt him, he might know some other secrets.

Delia: Lindy! Garrett! I wrote a scene for my drama class and I'd love for you guys to be in it. I wrote the parts just for you.

Lindy: You wrote something for me? To act in?
Delia: I always have thought you were a natural performer.
Lindy: [To Garrett] I did do that play in the second grade.
Delia: Cowgirl in the moon, I will never forget it. What a performance!
Lindy: [To Garrett] I was the moon. Oh and don't let the title fool you. It was all about the moon.
Delia: So are you guys in?
Lindy: Yeah, I'd be honored.
Delia: Garrett?
Garrett: I don't know.
Delia: Come on its just a quick little scene. You'll only perform it in front of my drama class.
Lindy: [To Garrett] Why are you scratching?
Garrett: It's my nervous itch. I get it whenever someone says "perform" or "in front of" or "hello".
Lindy: It'll be fine. You and me on stage. [To Delia] Is there a stage?
Delia: A tiny one.
Lindy: I could work with that.
Garrett: I guess I'm in to.
Delia: Great!
Lindy: Question! How many costume changes will I have?
Delia: It's a two page scene.

Lindy: So two?

Lindy: Okay, so uh there is this guy I know and I consider him a friend, but lately I'm starting to wonder if he could be more than that. Do you think that's possible? For friends to turn into more than friends?

Logan: Unbelievable! Here I am all heartbroken and you just wanna talk about yourself.
Lindy: Logan just answer the question, do you think friends can be more than friends?
Logan: Now I see whats going on.
Lindy: You do?
Logan: It's so obvious. You like Garrett!
Lindy: What?! No I don't!
Logan: Yes you do! You were trying to be subtle but I know!
Lindy: Logan I do not like Garrett.
Logan: Okay, If you don't like Garrett, then whats this all about?!
Lindy: I was just trying to...the truth is...okay I like Garrett
Logan: You know he still sleeps with his baby blanket right?

Lindy: I find that charming.

Delia: Okay Garrett, I've rewritten the script, again.

Garrett: Please tell me you cut more of my lines.
Delia: Your so not an actor.
Garrett: [Looks at Script] I don't see myself at all.
Delia: Right there.
Garrett: [Reads Script] A tree stands nearby.
Delia: Your the tree.
Lindy: Ha-ha, I have all the lines now. Great work kiddo.
Garrett: So, I'm just a tree?
Delia: Of course not, your the listening tree.
Garrett: What do I have to do?
Delia: Again, your the listening tree.
Garrett: So I just listen?
Delia: For a listening tree, you don't listen very well.
Garrett: People would still be staring at my face.

Delia: Okay, stop scratching, we'll put you in a costume that covers your face!


Pain of lost love
  • Logan finds out about Jasmine's "real" feelings for him in this episode.
  • Delia and Lindy find out about Jasmine's crush on Logan in this episode.
  • This episode is part Disney Channel's "TUNE IN 4 WHAT?!" weekend
  • Olivia's former co-star, Jason Earls, from "Kickin' It", attended the live taping. [2]
  • Logan gets his first serious girlfriend in this episode - Erin. As of this episode, Erin is a recurring character in season 2, until Falling for... Who?
  • This episode is known as a Jogan special.[3] It is also the first episode to be known as a Jogan special, the second being Falling for... Who?, the third being Drum Beats, Heart Beats, and the forth being The Rescuers.
  • The Jogan Arc continues in this episode, and is part 4
  • There is an outtake for the episode, where Jasmine and Logan hug, as shown on Piper's twitter. [4]
Jindy LFO
  • In the scene where the gang confronts Jasmine about them knowing about her crush on Logan, she wears the pink shrug she wore in Next of Pumpkin, but she wears it with a pink dress and not the green dress.
  • In the UK, this episode aired on May 14th and was the 4th episode to air, not the 6th.
  • Logan never denies he could grow feelings for Jasmine, and he then realizes his feelings for her in Falling for... Who?
  • This is the first time we see Jasmine quite jealous.
  • The episodes, Lindy Nose Best and Next of Pumpkin, are mentioned in this episode.
  • As of this episode, all the other Jogan episodes, up until the finale, are basically continuations from the last one.
  • This episode seemed to be referenced in Drum Beats, Heart Beats, because Lindy told Jasmine she had a crush on Logan for a very long time.
  • Like Falling for... Who?, this episode was somewhat referenced through the song, "Count on Me", because of the lyrics, "You'll always have my shoulder when you cry", because Jasmine almost cried over Logan and Lindy was there for her.
  • This was the first episode in Season 2 that was filmed that didn't match the filming number to the airing number in the US, because it was the 4th episode filmed, but the 6th to air in the US, the second episode being Stevie Likes Lindy.
  • It is revealed that Delia's family have a tradition where they like to drive around and see if they can catch deer in their headlights, during the holidays.
  • This episode is referenced in Drum Beats, Heart Beats.
  • This is the first episode of the Jogan Arc that is totally centred around Jasmine and Logan's relationship, unlike the episodes in season 1 that just had big moments in their relationship.
  • The cast had the live taping for this episode on January 13th, 2015.
  • This episode was similar to the Friends episode, The One Where Ross Finds Out, because Logan (Ross) found out Jasmine (Rachel) liked him, but he had a girlfriend and she ended up heartbroken. Ironically, both episodes were forcused on Jasmine and Logan's and Ross and Rachel's relationship, and both titles had "finds out' in them with the male character's name also in the tittle. The only differences were that Logan didn't kiss Jasmine at the end of the episode like Ross did with Rachel and Ross and the next episode wasn't a continuation to this one like it was with Friends.
  • Towards the end of the episode, Jasmine wears the same pink and black outfit she wears in her Season 2 promotional photo.
  • The tree costume was the same one that was used in the Austin & Ally episode, Beauties & Bullies.
  • This is the first time Jasmine almost cries in the show, the second being in The Rescuers. The difference between the almost cries are that in this episode, Jasmine almost cries for losing her chance with Logan, and the second time, Jasmine almost cries of happiness when Logan tells her he loves her.


  • Garrett told Jasmine he found out about her feelings for Logan a couple of months ago, meaning two months ago, but it would be a lot longer than a couple of months.


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