We love you, but you tend to get overly excited about the smallest things.
Garrett: Well I actually got some lessons. I know how to dance now, I just need to figure out the whole asking thing.
Lindy: (smiles and blushes) I think you just did...
You are so great

Lindy and Garrett (also known as Larrett) is the friendship/romantic pairing between Lindy Watson and Garrett Spenger. They are the second most popular paring on the show, after Jasmine and Logan. They are also both best friends with Logan Watson, Delia Delfano, and Jasmine Kang.

Lindy and Garrett are portrayed by Olivia Holt and Peyton Clark.

For the cast pairing, see Olivia and Peyton.


Lindy and Garrett are best friends. They seem to have different personalities, Lindy being super smart and Garrett being a germaphobe. Lindy and Garrett seem to do things for each other, even if it pressures them or annoys them; they also get along very well with each other. They both care for each other. It is shown in Snow Problem that Lindy and Garrett would even lie to make the other person happy and that they will help each other out if necessary because Lindy agrees to teach Garrett how to snowboard. In Bad News, they almost kiss when they are in the basement, although they are forced to do so by Lindy's study buddy, Zach. In Season 2, their relationship has grown a lot more, and again, it shows that they like to help each other out because Lindy offers to help Garrett when he has stage fright in Logan Finds Out!, and that episode also shows they don;t like to keep secrets from each other, because Garrett tells Lindy about the secret of Jasmine liking Logan, despite promising to keep it a secret, showing Garrett doesn't like to keep things from Lindy. In Falling for... Who? they share a romantic dance where Garrett spins and dips Lindy then pulls a muscle and they walk away. in Lindy in the Middle, it is shown that Lindy and Garrett like to help each other because Lindy helps Garrett try to impress a new girl at school and Lindy and Garrett become closer.

Other NamesEdit

  • Lirrett ( Li / ndy and Ga / rrett )
  • Gindy (G/arrett and L/indy)
  • Lindett (Lind/y and Garr/ett)
  • Gary (Gar/rett and Lindy)
  • Gady (Ga/rrett and Lin/dy)
  • Larrett  (L / indy and G / arrett) official name
  • Lindarrett ((Lind/y and G/arrett))
  • Garrindy ((Garr/ett and Lindy)


Season 1Edit

The Pilot Edit

The Gang Reading the Comments
  • Garrett and Lindy (along with the rest of the gang) were at the party.
  • Garrett helped Lindy (and Logan, Delia, and Jasmine) with the mess at the party.
  • Garrett looked right at Lindy when talking about the quilt.
  • Lindy frowned when Logan said he'd get Garrett.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Delia and Jasmine) pretended to be Mrs. Klasby.
  • They both were together at the basement at the end scene (with the group).
  • Garrett and Lindy were standing next to each other on the first day of school.

Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station Edit

  • Garrett helped Lindy with the mess at the birthday party.
  • They both were a lot at Fireman Freddy's together when they were young.
  • Garrett picked Lindy over his and Logan's favorite couch in Rumble Juice.

The New Guy Edit

TNG 10
  • They both wanted Tom in the group and then wanted to get rid of him.
  • They both went skydiving.
  • They were together (with Delia, Logan, and Jasmine) at Rumble Juice.
  • Lindy and Garrett both thought Tom was boring.
  • They jumped right after each other.
  • When Lindy was talking about how cool Tom was she said, "We finally have a cool guy in the group, no offense Garrett." and he wasn't offended and replied with "None taken."
  • They sat next to each other in Rumble Juice.
  • Garrett went along with what Lindy said about taking them skydiving.
  • They sat next to each other in the Watson's basement.
  • Garrett had a surprised look on his face after Lindy shoved the tacos into Delia's face.

Dear High School Self Edit

  • Garrett(and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) wanted to find out what was in Lindy's letter.
  • Garrett(along with Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) was upset when saw that Lindy wished for better friends.
  • Garrett said, "Lindy we love you".
  • Garrett(and Logan, and Jasmine, and Delia)helped find Lindy's letter.
  • Garrett put together Lindy's letter.
  • Garrett tried to explain to her over excitement (along with the group).
  • Garrett smiled when Lindy came in excited.
  • Lindy stood next to Garrett
  • Lindy called her friends her besties, meaning including Garrett.

If It Tastes Like a Brussels SproutEdit

Clip - If It Looks Like a Brussels Sprout - I Didn't Do It - Disney Channel Official
  • Garrett and Lindy(and Delia) were in the team for Jasmine and Logan's spray idea.
  • Garrett(along with Jasmine) wanted Lindy in the group.
  • Lindy and Garrett were standing next to each other in the Barracuda Boardroom.
  • Lindy and Garrett (along with Jasmine and Delia) vomited on Logan.
  • Lindy was the first one Garrett told about his 'toilets in school problem'.
  • Lindy smiled at Garrett.
  • Lindy walked up to Garrett at school.
  • Garrett accused Lindy of having Chili Cheese Fries.
  • Lindy tried to counter with organic cheese and sweet potato fries but then just said "Leave me alone."
  • Lindy called Garrett her veggie bro.
  • Lindy told Garrett they both got the need for vegetables 

Lindylicious Edit

  • They were at the movies (along with Jasmine, Delia, and Cole) together.
  • They both had a job at the cinema.
  • They both made a mess.
  • Garrett and Lindy both had a project/idea (Lindy's Smoothie, Garrett, and the Popcorn).
  • Garrett helped with Lindy's date so that Cole wouldn't get the wrong signs.
  • Garrett smiled when Lindy ran in excited.
  • Garrett pretended Lindy worked at the cinema.
  • Garrett lied for Lindy that she won't get in trouble.
  • Garrett helped Lindy with her smoothie.
  • Garrett and Lindy (along with Jasmine) had smoothie spilled all over them.
    Lindy-licious Explode
  • They both got in trouble by Max.
  • Both had popcorn spilled all over them.
  • Lindy threw popcorn at Garrett.
  • Lindy smiled really widely at Garrett when he stopped the machine.
  • When the drama lid came in and yelled, "I want my pants back!" and  Garret said, "No you don't", Lindy nodded. 
  • Lindy and Garrett were both working behind the counter.
  • Lindy smiled at Garrett after she finished explaining her plan.
    Ididntdoit pilot 1
  • As Lindy was saying she grew her fruit under her bed, she smiled at Garrett.
  • When the smoothie machine was going haywire, Lindy shouted for Garrett's (and Jasmine's) help.
  • Lindy and Garrett were both trying to push back the popcorn door.
  • Both opened the cabinet doors and looked in there together.
  • They both watched the popcorn spill out.
  • They were close to each other when pushing the popcorn back in.
  • They were both covered in the Lindy-Licious.
  • Garrett was concerned by how much fruit and smoothies that Lindy was putting in her blender.
  • Garrett gave Lindy permission to do her smoothie in the movies.

Snow ProblemEdit

  • Lindy and Garrett both went to the resort
  • They (along with Jasmine and Delia) thought that Logan's cheap on deals were stupid.
  • They (along with the rest of the gang) were excited about the cabin.
  • They (along with the rest of the gang) were shocked when the snowboarder came through the wall.
  • They (along with Logan and Delia) thought Jasmine was being silly.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan) went snowboarding.
  • Lindy accompanied Garrett on his snowboarding lesson.
  • Lindy reassured Garrett.
  • Lindy and Garrett were at the bunny slope.
  • Lindy pushed Garrett into the tree.
  • Garrett and Lindy were standing next to each other.
  • Lindy and Garrett both stayed for Garrett's lesson.
  • Lindy was helping Garrett build his confidence to go on the slopes.
  • Garrett thought Lindy was crushing on him.
  • Lindy threw snow at Garrett.
  • Lindy bumped into Garrett.
  • Lindy smiled at Garrett.
  • Garrett helped Lindy with Dash.
  • They both got a lesson from Dash.
  • Garrett whispered in Lindy's ear.
  • Garrett seemed mad when Lindy wanted to leave with Dash.
  • Garrett lied for Lindy.
  • Lindy looked at Garrett when he was talking.
  • They(along with Logan and Delia)thought that Jasmine looked weird.
  • Garrett and Lindy were both shocked when Dash knocked.
  • Lindy was mad that Garrett told Jasmine the truth.
  • Garret was mad that Lindy hogged his whole lesson.
  • They both looked at Logan as he answered the door.
  • Lindy said that she was lying all day and Garrett said, "Boy ain't that the truth".
  • Garrett told the truth about Lindy to Dash.
  • Lindy was mad when Garrett told Dash the truth.
  • Lindy apologized to Garrett.
  • Garrett was concerned when Lindy hurt her ankle for real.
  • Lindy said she was gonna teach Garrett to snowboard, even if it was on one foot.
  • Garrett and Lindy hugged.
  • Lindy watched Garrett snowboard down the snow in their cabin.
  • Lindy(along with the rest of the gang) was concerned when Garrett hit a wall.
  • They (along with Logan and Jasmine) watched Delia's show.

Dance FeverEdit

  • They (along with the rest of the gang) were sick.
  • Garrett (along with Jasmine, Logan, and Delia) said "Thanks a lot Lindy!"
  • Garrett (along with Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) caught Lindy's cold.

Now Museum, Now You Don'tEdit

  • Lindy told Garrett (and Jasmine, Delia, and Logan) about her museum internship.
  • Lindy told Garrett (and Jasmine, Delia, and Logan) that they had to visit the Nefertiti exhibit.
  • Garrett walked into Lindy (and Logan's) house to tell Lindy (and Logan) that he finally got over his nail-biting problem.
  • Lindy (and Logan) told Garrett to go away.
  • Garrett asked Lindy (and Logan) what he did wrong.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Delia and Jasmine) snuck in the museum after hours.
  • Lindy was mad when Garrett told her Logan got an employee discount.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) both went through the rope to see Nefertiti.
  • Lindy (and Jasmine) put three thousand-year-old fingernails on Garrett's mouth.
  • Lindy (and Jasmine) took out three thousand-year-old fingernails from Garrett's mouth.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) screamed when the mummy fell down the stairs.
  • Lindy (and Jasmine and Delia) were concerned when Garrett got hit by the mummy.
  • Lindy yelled at Garrett to catch the mummy.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) ran down the stairs after the mummy.
  • Logan saved Lindy and Garrett (and Delia and Jasmine) from getting caught.
  • Lindy shouted to Garrett that the stairs were out of order.
  • Lindy (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) seemed concerned when Garrett fell down the stairs.

In the Doghouse with the White HouseEdit

  • They were both accused of stealing the president's dog.
  • They were standing next to each other when being accused.
  • They both got up early.
  • They both went on the D.C. trip.
  • They were both at the school at 4 am.
  • They both stayed in the same hotel.
  • When Lindy got locked on the balcony, Garrett sent down a ladder. But Lindy didn't even notice it.
  • When Garrett walked into their hotel room, he walked right up to Lindy.
  • When Garrett was talking, he was looking directly at Lindy.
  • Lindy ad Garrett (and Delia and Jasmine) watch the tv.
  • Lindy and Garrett sit behind Delia and Jasmine.
  • Lindy and Garrett sat next to each other.
  • Lindy and Garrett were both interested in the missing dog story.
  • Lindy and Garrett were both confused when the dog was barking after Lindy turned off the tv.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Delia and Jasmine) were screaming when the dog came out of Delia's purse.
  • Both were listening when Garrett told him about his senator thing.
  • Both were scared when the Secret Services knocked on the door.
  • Both were interrogated by the secret service men.
  • Both just wanted to leave.
  • They both held the puppy.
  • Garrett handed the puppy to Lindy.

Phone ChallengeEdit

  • Garrett sent Lindy (and Delia and Jasmine) the text.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) tried to fix Logan's phone.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) were concerned about Logan's phone.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) said they can go 72 hours without a phone.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) didn't want to 72 hours without a phone.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) made a pact to go 72 hours without a phone.
  • They both stuck to the group pact.
  • They both could barely survive without a phone.
  • They both were concerned when the guy shouted Logan's name.
  • They watched Logan being pushed into the fountain.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Delia and Jasmine) all agreed to go in the fountain to support Logan.
  • Lindy was sitting next to Garrett on the fountain edge.
  • Lindy held Garrett (and Delia) back.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Delia) did not go in the fountain.

Twin It to Win ItEdit

  • Garrett was in the conference room during the test.
  • Garrett was looking at Lindy's answers.
  • Garrett was helping Logan cheat off Lindy.
  • Lindy was the first person Garrett saw fall down.
  • Lindy seemed concerned when Garrett was flying around.
  • Lindy was watching Garrett fly around.
  • Lindy was mad at Garrett for helping Logan cheat.
  • Lindy and Garrett (and Logan) were caught by the test administrator.
  • They both explained their story to the test administrator.

Lindy Nose BestEdit

  • Lindy was the in the basement with Garrett (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia).
  • It was revealed that it was Lindy's idea to put Garrett on the football team.
  • Garrett thought Lindy speaks her mind too much.
  • In the hallway at school, Lindy told Garrett (and Logan, Jasmine, and Delia) that they were being ridiculous.
  • Lindy told Garrett (and Delia) for Delia to teach Garrett to kick.
  • Lindy told her teacher that If it wasn't for her, Garrett wouldn't be learning how to kick a football.

Ball or NothingEdit

  • Lindy (and Logan) blackmailed Garrett.
  • Lindy and Garrett sat next to each other in the basement.
  • Lindy (and Logan) knew embarrassing things about Garrett.
  • Garrett pretended to be Lindy's dad.
  • Garrett wore a full body cast for Lindy (and Logan).
  • Lindy and Garrett kept looking at each other while getting Dick Butkus to sign the football.
  • Lindy looked annoyed when Garrett talked about kicking the winning goal.
  • Garrett and Lindy (and Logan) were shocked when Bob fell off the.

Logan's RunEdit

  • Garrett agreed to be in Lindy's charity jog-a-thon.
  • They both thought Logan ran weird.
  • Lindy was mad when Delia told Garrett about his weird gasping thing.
  • Garrett was at Lindy's charity jog-a-thon.
  • Garrett and Lindy were both concerned when Makayla got hurt.
  • Garrett told Lindy that you can't prove a broken toe.
  • Lindy and Garrett were standing next to each other when taking care of Makayla.

Bad NewsEdit

  • They were alone in the basement.
  • They both (along with Logan and Delia) thought Jasmine's news report was very boring.
  • They almost kissed.
  • Garrett was into a blonde, and Lindy is a blonde, so he may be into Lindy.
  • Lindy felt bad for Garrett when Amber broke up with him.
  • They both told Jasmine that her newscast was bad.
  • Lindy and Garrett studied together.
  • They both had problems.
  • Lindy lied and said she and Garrett were a couple.
  • Garrett was going on with the lie.
  • Lindy and Garrett called each other pet names, even though Garrett gave Lindy an actual pet's name.

Bicycle ThiefEdit

He realized he stole the bike!
  • They were at Rumble Juice together alone.
  • Lindy encouraged Garrett to ride his bike and helped him.
  • They go bike riding together.
  • They spent most of the episode together.
  • Lindy is worried when Garrett's bike gets stolen, and tried to find it for him.
    Larrett moment at Rumble Juice
  • Lindy made a flyer for Garret's missing bicycle, with hearts for the wheels
  • They were in the basement together, alone.
  • Lindy apologized to Garrett for allowing his bike getting stolen.
  • Lindy turned up as soon as she got a call about Garrett.

Merry Miss SisEdit

  • Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) went to Lindy's (and Logan's) party
  • They both changed personalities after Logan wished Lindy wasn't his sister
  • They were in school
  • Lindy and Garrett were next to each other when Logan woke up
  • They were both happy that Logan was okay
  • Garrett seemed to like Lindy's singing

Season 2Edit

Slumber PartayEdit

  • They were next to each other when walking into Rumble Juice
  • They were in Rumble Juice

The Not-So-Secret Lives of Mosquitos and MuskratsEdit

  • Lindy and Garrett both attended the pep rally
  • Garrett looked at Lindy when she was shouting
  • They were in the basement.

Logan Finds Out!Edit

  • They both got cast for Delia's play.
  • When Garrett was nervous about the play, Lindy said she'd take some of his lines, and he thanked her with a smile.
  • Garrett let Lindy have all of his lines.
  • Garrett called Lindy, "Lindz".
  • They were really close on the couch in Rumble Juice.
    Larrett LFO
  • Garrett told Lindy that Jasmine really liked Logan.
  • When Jasmine grabbed Garrett for telling everyone about her crush on Logan, Lindy got worried for Garrett and told Jasmine to let go of him.
  • When Lindy was trying to ask Logan if he liked Jasmine back, he thought she liked Garrett.
  • Lindy pretends to like Garrett for Logan's sake.
  • When Logan told Lindy that he still sleeps with his baby blanket, she said she "found it charming," but was just faking it for Logan.
  • Lindy got Garrett to spill the secret of Jasmine liking Logan, showing she knew his weaknesses
  • Lindy said, "I know you. You're hiding something", to Garrett
  • Garrett and Lindy were alone for a little while
  • Lindy told Garrett about her history with performing

Falling for... Who? Edit

Lindy and garrett
  • Garrett held Lindy's hand.
  • Lindy seemed happy when Garrett held her hand.
  • They both were smiling at each other.
  • Lindy knew Garrett didn't like dances.
  • Garrett offered to dance with Lindy because of Lindy's date fainting.
  • Lindy asked Garrett to dance with her.
  • They share a dance.
  • Garrett dipped Lindy.
  • Lindy was smiling when she and Garrett were dancing.
  • Lindy said that Garrett was an amazing dancer.
  • They walked out of the dance together.

Lindy and Logan's BrrrrthdayEdit

  • Garrett (and Jasmine and Delia) wanted to make Lindy (and Logan's) birthday special
  • Lindy figured out that Garrett (and Delia and Jasmine) was throwing a surprise party for her and Logan from the way Garrett was acting
  • They went to a dog show together with Logan
  • Lindy called Garrett dude
  • They were sitting close together on the subway.

Lindy in the Middle Edit

Larrett second hug
  • Lindy is helping Garrett getting a girl.
  • Lindy looked excited at helping Garrett.
  • Lindy defended Garrett when Logan joked about him not having a girlfriend.
  • Lindy told Garrett that there will one day be a girl out there somewhere for him.
  • Lindy agreed to Haley about Garrett being cute.
  • Lindy mentioned that Garrett was single.
  • Lindy helped both Haley and Garrett with texting and presents.
  • Lindy assured Garrett to not be worried about meeting Haley.
  • Lindy helped make conversation during Garrett and Haley's hangout.
  • Garrett looked at Lindy when Haley said that reading graphics where comic books.
  • Garrett and Haley told Lindy that she was dating herself.
  • Lindy got offended and said that meant she was crazy if she dated herself
  • Lindy said that Garrett was a great guy.
  • Lindy thought nice (Haley) and great (Garrett) matched.
  • Lindy was happy when Haley and Garrett decide to re-try on hanging out.
  • Garrett thanked Lindy for all the help she has done for him.
  • Garrett said that he owed Lindy.
  • They shared a hug in the basement.
  • Lindy smiled at Garrett before they shared the hug.
  • Lindy made an advice of Garrett story, to never tell it.

Lindy Breaks GarrettEdit

  • Lindy wanted to go to the spa with Garrett and Logan.
  • When Garrett thought it was a bad idea, Lindy said that it would be fun.
  • Lindy said it was a date to Garrett (with Logan).
  • When the three went to the spa, Garrett complained and thought it was a bad idea.
  • Lindy assured Garrett not to be worried.
  • Lindy touched Garrett's shoulders.
  • Lindy told Garrett that his shoulder was like rocks.
  • Garrett admitted to Lindy that he had sad lumps.
  • Lindy said that Garrett was tense because he keeps everything inside.
  • Lindy let Garrett go get his message first.
  • When Garrett came back, he was emotional now.
  • Lindy touched his shoulder and realized it wasn't tense or hard anymore.
  • Lindy said that when people are very tense (Like Garrett) that this sort of things happen.
  • When Garrett was about to cry, Lindy patted his back.
  • Lindy thought Logan was ridiculous blaming her for Garrett's open side.
  • Lindy was amused by Garrett's emotional side.
  • Garrett brought Lindy (and Logan) leaves.
  • Garrett said that he loved Lindy (and Logan) so much.
  • Lindy tried to make Garrett not open up so much and write his 'feeling' in a journal.
  • Garrett said that Lindy gave him a warm sensation.
  • Garrett wanted 2 hugs from Lindy.
  • Lindy smiled at Garrett offer for a hug meaning she wouldn't mind getting one from Garrett
  • Lindy yelled at Logan to stop hitting Garrett.
  • Lindy told Logan to not give up Garrett for his weirdness when Garrett never gave up on Logan's.
  • Lindy asked if Garrett was okay when he seemed different.
  • Garrett was now back to his old self.
  • Lindy broke a nail from Garrett's sad lump.

Drum Beats, Heart BeatsEdit

139446 0025-900x600
  • They are in Rumble Juice together.
  • They are seen working on something together.
  • There are both smiling at each other.
  • They both look happy with each other.
  • They could be helping each other with studying.
  • The glasses Garrett wears could be Lindy's because of similarity that she wore in Logan Finds Out! when they practiced acting together.

Bite ClubEdit

  • They are in Rumble Juice
  • They look at each other's pictures from Halloween night

The RescuersEdit

Larrett -the finale
  • Lindy and Garrett both help save an animal rescue shelter along with the rest of the group.
  • They are in Rumble Juice.
  • They sit really close together on the couch.
  • When Lindy was singing she looked at Garrett at one point smiled at him.
  • Garrett looked amused by Lindy's singing by showing that he smiled at her.
  • Garrett and Lindy are watching Jasmine and Logan admit their feelings for each other and are both smiling excitedly, showing they ship Jogan.
  • Lindy had her elbow on Garrett's shoulder as she smiled (At Jogan) and Garrett didn't seem to mind by being close to her.
  • They are both clapping (along with Delia and Betty) when they watch Jasmine and Logan admit their feelings for each other and finally become a couple, showing they have both been waiting for this to happen.
  • When Delia says that she and Lindy have to fight over Garrett, Lindy nods in agreement.
  • Garrett seems to be excited when Lindy nods about fighting with Delia over him like he wants it to happen, and then seems upset when Lindy (and Delia) says no.
  • They group hug with Logan, Jasmine, and Delia and are next to each other in the hug.
  • When Lindy says, "I love you guys", Garrett says, "Love you too".
  • After Lindy (and Delia) say no after fighting over Garrett and he says "Well, it was a good couple of seconds", Lindy playfully pushes Garrett whilst biting her lip.
  • When the gang is walking away from Rumble Juice, Lindy is walking with Delia and Garrett is behind them, Lindy turns to Garrett and holds his arm so that he can walk with them.



  • They're both friends with Logan, Delia, and Jasmine.
  • They both go to DITKA High School.
  • They both have "worked" in the cinema.
  • Both got popcorn all over them.
  • Both got in trouble by Max.
  • Both have been to the cinema together with the gang.
  • Both didn't like Tom at the end.
  • They both have trouble letting things go.
  • They both like vegetables.
  • They're both bad at lying, for the most part (Garret actually lied pretty well in Lindy-licious and Lindy lied well (with Logan's help) in Ball Or Nothing.
  • They both have a younger brother.
  • Both of them know about Jasmine's crush on Logan.
  • They both had parts in Delia's play, in Logan Finds Out!
  • They are both Jogan shippers (along with Delia and Betty.


  • Lindy has blonde hair and Garrett is brunette.
  • Lindy has brown eyes and Garrett blue.
  • Lindy is female and Garrett is male.
  • Lindy went to the school dance but Garrett did not
  • Garrett got a date to the dance and Lindy didn't
  • Lindy is a twin and Garrett is not
  • Garrett gets along with Logan very well, but Lindy doesn't always get along well with him
  • Lindy loves to go the dance and Garrett doesn't like to go because of his dancing
  • Lindy loves acting, but Garrett hates it
  • Garrett has stage fright, but Lindy doesn't
  • Lindy has had a boyfriend, but Garrett has never had a girlfriend.


  • Their couple name is Larrett.
  • They've known each other since the third grade
  • They both helped each other out with their ideas/projects (Garrett's popcorn conspiracy theory, Lindy's smoothie).
  • Peyton Clark (Garrett) ships Larrett
  • Lindy convinced Garrett to try out for the football team.
  • They almost kissed in Lindy's basement
  • They shared a dance in Falling for... Who?
  • Garrett and Lindy are the second most popular pairing on the show, after Jasmine and Logan.


  • Color: White: They both wore it in Lindylicious. They also wear it around each other a lot, sometimes even at the same time.
  • Number: 12: Lindy has 5 letters in her name as Garrett has 7 in his and 7+5=12
  • Object: Popcorn: Since both worked at the cinema and both were poured over with it.
  • Sport: 'Snowboarding: Lindy accompanied Garrett to his snowboarding lesson and taught him how to Snowboard in Snow Problem.
  • Episode(s): Lindylicious: They interacted the most in this episode. Garrett was there for Lindy on her date and they both helped each other with their ideas/projects. Garrett helped Lindy get rid of the smoothie person and they both "worked" at the cinema
    • Snow Problem: This episode shows the closest interaction between the pairing. Lindy accompanies Garrett to his snowboarding lesson and they get into their fist fight. The also share their first real hug in this episode.
    • Bad News: They pretended to be a couple and almost kissed in this episode.
    • Bicycle Thief: They spent a lot of time together, like going bike riding and this episode showed a good friendship between the two.
    • Falling for... Who?: They shared a dance in this episode.
    • Lindy in the Middle: They had the main plot together.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Season 1Edit

The New GuyEdit

Lindy: We finally have a cool guy in the group! No offense, Garrett.
Garrett: None taken.

Dear High School SelfEdit

Garrett: Lindy, we love you, but, you tend to get overly excited about the smallest things.
Lindy: That's just not true.


Lindy: Do something, Garrett!
Garrett: (puts hose down pants) Wow, and I thought brain freeze was bad!

Lindy: May I?
Garrett: Yes, you May.

Snow ProblemEdit

Lindy: I'm crushing on a really cute guy! (referring to Dash).
Garrett: Well I appreciate that, Lindy, but I think it's best we just stay friends.

Lindy: I've been lying here all day.
Garrett: You can say that again.

Lindy: Don't you dare tell him I'm not hurt
Garrett: Not another lie! I can't handle another lie... [Dash comes back] Quick, help her before she loses the leg!

In the Doghouse with the White HouseEdit

Lindy: I can't wait to leave this hotel!
Garrett: (Walks up to Lindy) I am never leaving this hotel!

Bad NewsEdit

Garrett: Hey, thanks for asking me to study with you. I needed a break from "Candy". I'm starting to miss the issues I have with real girls.

Lindy: Please, I trade Zach in for a phone app like that. The guy doesn't give me a moment to breath. I had to make up an excuse just to get away from him.
Garrett: Come on, he can't be that bad.
Zach: Lindy, Open up!
Lindy: Zach!
Garrett: What's he doing here?!
Lindy: Well he can't see me studying with you!
Zach: I know your in there, open up! [Lindy opens the door] Oh hello grandma Watson, wheres your truck? [To Garrett sarcastically]
Garrett: I don't know what your referring to, but I don't like your tone.
Zach: What's going on here?
Lindy: Zachary, what do you think two people who like each other do when their alone?
Zach: Oh please, everyone knows You and Garrett are just friends.
Lindy: Well we used to be, but we're a couple. Yeah, we even have cute pet names for each other, right sugar lips?
Garrett: Right, Mr.Whiskers.
Zach: That's not a pet name.
Garrett: It's a pet's name.
Lindy: Anyways we are head over heels in love.
Zach: Oh really? [Picks up note cards] Then what's this doing here?! You two were studying weren't you?!
Lindy: No! No No No! Not at all! I told you we are in love! We were kissing!
Zach: Really? Prove it! Go on, right now!
Lindy: Uh, okay. Pucker up, lover boy.
Garrett: Okay, Sparky. [They almost kiss]
Lindy: Okay, we were studying!
Zach: I knew it, how long have you two been learning behind my back?!
Garrett: It was just tonight, I swear I didn't retain a thing!
Zach: You want Garrett to be your study buddy? Fine! Have fun because we are through!
Lindy: Wait just one question.
Garrett: Let him go!
Lindy: How'd you even know we were here?
Zach: Ask your new study buddy, he's the one who texted me [leaves].
Lindy: You texted him?

Garrett: No, I didn't, I swear!

Bicycle ThiefEdit

Lindy: Hey look, Rumble Juice is raffling off one of those cool wild rider bikes.

Garrett: I already have a wild rider mountain crusher.
Lindy: You own something with the words "Wild", "Mountain" and "Crusher" in it?
Garrett: Hey, I can be Rugged. I once went a whole day without socks.
Lindy: Well, hey we should go bike riding sometime.
Garrett: Impossible, I never ride my bike.
Lindy: What? Then why did you get it?
Garrett: Because its got 28 gears, hydraulic brakes, and the strength and agility to shred the steepest, rockiest, terrain of a planet. I keep it on the small bed of my garage.
Lindy: Garrett, I'm a little worried about you and when I say a little, I mean a lot. Look, I'm your friend and I want to see you on that bike. The wind in your face...
Garrett: Gravel in my eye...
Lindy: The sun in your hair...
Garrett: Excessive Radiation...
Lindy: Legs Churning...
Garrett: But Chafing ...
Lindy: Garrett! Tomorrow, you, me, bikes on the open road. Oh and you might want to get some padded bike shorts.

Garrett: Yeah, already wearing them. Rumble Juice's seats are notoriously unforgiving.

Season 2Edit

Logan Finds Out!Edit

Delia: Lindy! Garrett! I wrote a scene for my drama class and I'd love for you guys to be in it. I wrote the parts just for you.

Lindy: You wrote something for me? To act in?
Delia: I always have thought you were a natural performer.
Lindy: [To Garrett] I did do that play in the second grade.
Delia: Cowgirl in the moon, I will never forget it. What a performance!
Lindy: [To Garrett] I was the moon. Oh and don't let the title fool you. It was all about the moon.
Delia: So are you guys in?
Lindy: Yeah, I'd be honored.
Delia: Garrett?
Garrett: I don't know.
Delia: Come on its just a quick little scene. You'll only perform it in front of my drama class.
Lindy: [To Garrett] Why are you scratching?
Garrett: It's my nervous itch. I get it whenever someone says "perform" or "in front of" or "hello".
Lindy: It'll be fine. You and me on stage. [To Delia] Is there a stage?
Delia: A tiny one.
Lindy: I could work with that.
Garrett: I guess I'm in to.
Delia: Great!
Lindy: Question! How many costume changes will I have?
Delia: It's a two page scene.

Lindy: So two?

Delia: Uh, before we get started, I just wanna say thank you guys so much for being in my scene.

Lindy: Aw, thank you for bringing me back to THE THEATER!
Delia: Well, its really just a classroom.
Lindy: Well yeah I know its just how theater people talk about the theater!
Garrett: I'm excited to! Well, actually I was going to quit but then I thought about it and thought it might be nice for me to try something new. You know, get out of my comfort zone.
Lindy: I didn't know you had a comfort zone.
Garrett: Well, I don't but I thought maybe If I started saying I did I might actually get one!
Delia: So I wrote this scene about the faithful day when I was 12 and my dad told me he wished I've been a boy.
Lindy: Deelz, that's so sad.
Delia: He didn't actually say that. No, he adores me but drama is about conflict so I had to make some stuff up.
Lindy: [To Garrett] That's called dramatic license, [to Delia] hes not really a theater person.
Delia: I wish I had known that you were. Okay, lets get started and remember there are no bad choices.
Garrett: I think my character should have a mustache.
Delia: Except for that one. Okay, now this is just reading through the script so no acting necessary. [Reads Script] We open our family kitchen, Delia's dad is reading the paper when Delia enters. Whenever you ready.
Lindy: [Reads Script] Hi dad, I'm home from school. [Notices Garrett isn't responding] Hi dad, I'm home from school. Garrett it's your line.
Garrett: I've just counted and I've got 17 lines. That's an awful lot.
Lindy: You know, since Garrett is feeling a little nervous I'd be happy to take a few of his. You know, for sake of the piece.
Garrett: Thanks Lindy.

Lindy: You don't have to thank me, its just how we do things in THE THEATER!

Garrett: So, Rumble Juice after school?

Lindy: Wait a sec, still in character. [takes off sunglasses] Yeah, Rumble Juice sounds fun. Hey did you hear Logan got dumped by his girlfriend?
Garrett: He did? Wow, does Jasmine know?
Lindy: Yeah, shes the one who told me.
Garrett: Did she say anything else?
Lindy: No, what else would she say?
Garrett: Nothing!
Lindy: Okay, What is it?
Garrett: What is what?
Lindy: I know you. Your hiding something.
Garrett: No, I'm not. Hey lets do some of those vocal thingies. [Makes firetruck noises]
Lindy: Garrett, you know something and your going to tell me what it is! Now, we could do this the easy way or we could do this the hard way.
Garrett: Whats the hard way?
Lindy: Your not gonna like it.
Garrett: Well then, whats the easy way?
Lindy: Your not gonna like that either.
Garrett: Is there a third way?
Lindy: Yeah but, your not gonna like it.
Garrett: Jasmine likes Logan

Lindy: Haha that's funny, for a minute I thought you said WHAT?!

Jasmine: Well, I'm here. What do you guys want to tell me?

Lindy: Okay, I'm just gonna rip the bandage off. We know you like Logan.
Jasmine: You told?!
Garrett: I couldn't help it, Lindy threatened me!
Lindy: Jaz, let him go.

Delia: Yeah, don't hurt him, he might know some other secrets.

Lindy: Okay, so uh there is this guy I know and I consider him a friend, but lately I'm starting to wonder if he could be more than that. Do you think that's possible for friends to turn into more than friends?

Logan: Unbelievable! Here I am all heartbroken and you just wanna talk about yourself.
Lindy: Logan just answer the question, do you think friends can be more than friends?
Logan: Now I see whats going on.
Lindy: You do?
Logan: It's so obvious. You like Garrett!
Lindy: What?! No I don't!
Logan: Yes you do! You were trying to be subtle but I know!
Lindy: Logan I do not like Garrett.
Logan: Okay, If you don't like Garrett, then whats this all about?!
Lindy: I was just trying to...the truth is...okay I like Garrett.
Logan: You know he still sleeps with his baby blanket right?

Lindy: I find that charming.

Falling for... Who?Edit

Lindy: Hey Garrett, you okay?
Garrett: yeah, doing great.
Lindy: Why are you here? I thought you didn't like dances.
Garrett: Well I actually got some lessons. I know how to dance now, I just need to figure out the whole asking thing.

Lindy: (smiles and blushes) I think you just did.

Lindy in the MiddleEdit

Lindy: Remember that girl who waved at you at Rumble Juice yesterday?
Garrett: So many girls wave at me. I'm kidding, of course I remember!

Lindy: Anyway, this is Rumble Juice. I hang out here a lot. Oh, you see that guy behind the counter? That is my friend Garrett.

Hayley: [Waves at Garrett]
Garrett: [Looks Confused]
Hayley: He's cute.

Lindy: Yeah, yeah he is cute isn't he?

The RescuersEdit

Lindy: Hey, how about 'The Rescuers'? Because we rescued the dogs?
Garrett: Works for me.


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