Oh, my gosh, its a puppy!
Lindy when she meets Franklin.

"Lindy Goes to the Dogs" is the third episode in Season 2 of I Didn't Do It. It premiered on March 8, 2015. It is the 23rd episode overall.


Lindy falls in love with a puppy she is fostering. she gets attached has a hard time letting him go to his new family. Garrett gets a job at Rumble Juice. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Delia get extremely competitive over their design projects in Home Ec.[1]



Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Annie Sertich as Monica
  • Dieterich Gray as Mr. Detweiler
  • Keeshan Giles as Henry


Monica: (picks up Franklin) This is Franklin.
Lindy: Oh, my gosh, its a puppy!
Logan: Kinda little, isn't it?
Lindy: That's what makes it a puppy. Aww, you are the most precious thing ever!

Delia:Uh, for your information, I found this shirt on a chair!
Jasmine: And the pants?
Delia: Of course they were on the floor, where else would you keep pants?!

(Logan walks up to Jasmine)
Logan: Hey, you okay?
Jasmine: No. Delia and I aren't speaking to each other. We got in a fight about fashion
Logan: Garrett and I fight about fashion all the time
Jasmine: Really?
Logan: Uh, no.

Jasmine: Linds, I'll go get you a smoothie and maybe some water for the little cutie (refering to Franklin)
Logan: Well, I'd rather have a smoothie, but water works too.

(Logan walks into Lindy's bedroom)
Logan: Hey, you okay?
Lindy: Yeah. I just miss Franklin. Oh, look. They sent me a picture of him with the twins (shows phone)
Logan: Aw, that's sweet. It kinda looks like us with our old dog, Larry.
Lindy: It was Harry
Logan: No wonder he never came when I called him.


  • This episode was previous named Lindy's Dogged Pursuit.
  • Garret gets a job at Rumble Juice
  • It was revealed that Lindy and Logan had a dog when they were younger, called Harry
  • Jasmine and Delia had their first real fight in this episode.
  • As of this episode, Lindy fosters many dogs until The Rescuers.


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