You broke him you fix him!
Logan to Lindy about Garrett

"Lindy Breaks Garrett" is the fourteenth episode in Season 2, of I Didn't Do It. It aired on August 7, 2015.


When Lindy's plans for a girls day at the spa conflicts with Delia and Jasmine's double date with their boyfriends, the single bestie convinces her brother Logan and Garrett into spending a BFF day at the spa.


Main cast

Recurring Cast




  • This was the first and only episode that had Garrett's name in the title.
  • This episode seemed to center on Lindy and Garrett.
  • Owen returned in this episode.
  • It was reaveled that Lindy has talked to Logan about relationships, or sex 3 times.
  • This was the only episode where Owen guest stared that didn't have any Jogan moments, though Logan might have been wanting to ignore Jasmine a little as it would have been too hard for him to see her with Owen.
  • This episode was filmed on April 14th, 2015.[1]


  • Lindy told Logan that winter was coming, but winter obviously started in Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday. so this episode would have been set during or just after the winter season.


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I Didnt Do It - Lindy Breaks Garrett Promo00:33

I Didnt Do It - Lindy Breaks Garrett Promo

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