Jasmine and Owen was the romantic paring between Jasmine Kang and Owen. They first met in Falling for... Who?, at the fall dance. They went to the dance together and started dating at the end of the episode. This pairing strongly rivaled the pairing of Jasmine and Logan. Jasmine and Owen broke up in The Rescuers, because Jasmine revealed she still had feelings for Logan and chose him over Owen. Jasmine broke up with Owen to be with Logan, and Logan became Jasmine's boyfriend, in that episode due to the fact that Jasmine and Logan "got back together".


Falling for... Who?Edit

  • They met for the first time
  • Owen seemed very happy when Lindy told him to dance with Jasmine
  • They were next to each other when Lindy and Garrett were dancing
  • They shared a slow dance
  • Jasmine announced that she had started dating Owen
  • Owen put his arm around Jasmine
  • Owen said he and Jasmine had a lot in common
  • Jasmine said they talked for ages at the dance
  • They went on a movie date at the end of the episode

Drum Beats, Heart BeatsEdit

  • It was shown that they were still dating
  • They held hands
  • Owen got Jasmine toothpaste from the dentistry office
  • Jasmine said that she and Owen were going to the library together
  • They had a scene together alone

The RescuersEdit

  • Owen called Jasmine, but she ignored it
  • They broke up, but it was assumed they stayed friends
  • They hugged when breaking up
  • Owen understood when Jasmine broke up with him to be with Logan, showing he cared about her and wanted her to be happy with Logan
  • Jasmine said Owen was a great guy
  • They smiled at each other
  • Jasmine told Owen that there was a perfect girl out there for him and smiled



  • They both like the movies
  • They both have brown hair


  • Jasmine is female, Owen is male
  • Jasmine is a main character, Owen was a recurring character for a couple of episodes.
  • Jasmine has light brown highlights in her hair, Owen doesn't


  • They first met in Falling for... Who?
  • They attended the fall dance together in Falling for... Who?
  • They started dating in Falling for... Who?
  • Jasmine and Owen became a couple right after Logan admitted his "real" feelings for Jasmine. Logan then tried to ask Jasmine out, but failed when Jasmine told him that Owen and her were dating.
  • According to Jasmine, they had a lot in common, one of the main reasons why they were dating.
  • Jasmine was only dating Owen to move on from Logan, but Jasmine actually never stopped having feelings for Logan.
  • Lindy paired Jasmine and Owen to dance together at the dance in Falling for ... Who?, which was how they got to meet each other.
  • They broke up in The Rescuers, because Jasmine wanted to be with Logan.

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