Jasmine: Oh, hey, Erin.
Erin: Hey.

Jasmine and Erin was the frenemy relationship between Jasmine Kang and Erin. The two knew each other two weeks prior to Logan Finds Out! Even though Erin seemed to like Jasmine, Jasmine didn't like Erin, even though she pretended to, since Erin was dating Logan, which made Jasmine jealous since she wanted Logan to be her boyfriend and not Erin's, even though Logan had already been Jasmine's "boyfriend".


Logan Finds Out!Edit

  • They already knew each other two weeks perior to the episode
  • Erin seemed to like Jasmine, even though Jasmine didn't like Erin
  • Jasmine was jealous of Erin
  • Jasmine tried to be nice to Erin, (for Logan's sake) despite not liking her
  • They had a scene together
  • Erin told Jasmine that she and Logan were back together, and even though that really hurt Jasmine, she tried to be happy for Erin.
  • Erin put her hand on Jasmine's shoulder and Jasmine gave Erin a fake smile

Falling for... Who?Edit

  • They were at Rumble Juice together
  • Erin smiled at Jasmine
  • Jasmine looked at Erin (and Logan) sadly because she wanted to be with Logan



  • They have the same friends
  • They both have long, dark hair
  • They both have dated Logan
  • They both have brown eyes
  • They both know/knew Logan somehow - Erin knew Logan because she dated him and Jasmine has known Logan ever since they were little kids and she is his girlfriend.
  • They both go to DITKA High School.


  • Erin is taller than Jasmine
  • Jasmine is slightly more smart than Erin
  • Erin hasn't known Logan as long as Jasmine has
  • Jasmine has brown hair, with light brown highlights, but Erin has black hair
  • Jasmine is dating Logan but Erin has dated Logan


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