Jasmine and Betty is the friendship pairing between Jasmine Kang and Betty LeBow. Even though the two aren't seen hanging out much alone, they appear to be close friends. They both like to help each other out as shown in Lindy in the Middle when Jasmine helps Betty make Rumble Juice more popular.

Other Names

  • Jetty (Jasmine/Betty)


Slumber Partay

  • Jasmine laughs when Betty comments about her name
  • Jasmine looks at Betty weirdly

Logan Finds Out!

  • Betty, very excitedly, tells Jasmine she knows about her crush on Logan
  • Jasmine looks at Betty annoyed since Garrett told her about the crush

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

  • Jasmine smiles at Betty and asks her if the gang can have Lindy and Logan's party at Rumble Juice
  • Betty helps Jasmine realise her fight with Delia is pointless and thanks her for helping them realise it

Lindy in the Middle

  • Jasmine offers to help Betty make Rumble Juice more popular
  • They have a conversation alone
  • They shake hands
  • Betty agrees to let Jasmine help her
  • When Jasmine makes a video about Betty and Rumble Juice, Betty is very happy with it and thanks Jasmine for her help
  • Betty hugs Jasmine

Cheer Up Girls

  • Jasmine smiles at Betty and asks Betty if she saved the seats for her favourite customers and she says yes
  • Jasmine excitedly speaks to Betty

Elementary, My Dear Watson

  • Jasmine gasps when Logan reveals Betty has stolen her own horn
  • Betty tells Jasmine (and her friends) to stop gasping

The Rescuers

  • Betty seems to enjoy Jasmine's (and the gang's) perforce
  • Betty is cheering and is very happy after Jasmine gets kissed by Logan and they become a couple, because she ships Jasmine with Logan
  • Jasmine is smiling and finds it funny when Betty says she's saving for a boat
  • Jasmine asks Betty how she got Kevin out of the box and her eyes go wide



  • They both have brown eyes
  • They both have a slight cunning side to them
  • They both have dark hair
  • They're both female
  • They both like Rumble Juice


  • Jasmine is a teenager, but Betty is an adult
  • Betty works at Rumble Juice, but Jasmine doesn't
  • Jasmine has long, brown hair with highlights, but Betty has black hair
  • Betty isn't as serious at Jasmine is at times
  • Betty doesn't play the drums, but Jasmine does
  • Betty's skin is darker than Jasmine's
  • Jasmine knows more about modern technology than Betty does
  • Jasmine has a boyfriend, (Logan) but Betty doesn't
  • Jasmine is in a serious relationship, (with Logan) but Betty isn't


  • Betty ships Jasmine with her boyfriend, Logan
  • Jasmine helped Betty do a commercial for Rumble Juice in Lindy in the Middle and they became closer


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