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I am getting makeup!
Jasmine in Snow Problem
Jasmine Kang
Biographical Information
Full Name

Jasmine Kang


Cinnamon Buns (by Logan)




c. 1999 (age 15)

Resides in

Evanston, IL


Freshman Student


DITKA High School

Physical Description
Hair color

Brown with light brown highlights

Eye color


Personal Information

Unknown mom
Unknown grandfather
Mentioned Father (a dentist)


Max (former crush)
Mike (ex-boyfriend)
Logan Watson (Crush)


Lindy Watson (best friend)
Logan Watson (best friend, crush)
Delia Delfano (best friend)
Garrett Spenger (best friend)


Tom Bigham


Rumble Juice
Happy Time Flavor Changing Yum Yum Spray
Boys in tuxedos



Production Information
First appearance

The Pilot

Last appearance


Portrayed by

Piper Curda
Saylor Curda (little Jasmine)

Jasmine Kang is a main character in I Didn't Do It. She is very fashionable and is quite keen and is Lindy Watson's best friend. Over the years, Lindy was an unpopular girl, but became popular in her high school years. Jasmine helps Lindy stay grounded after her newfound popularity.[1]

Jasmine is portrayed by Piper Curda.


Season 1

The Pilot

The fourteen year olds, Lindy, Logan, Jasmine, Delia and Garrett begin their freshmen experience in high school.

Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station

Jasmine didn't have a huge role in the episode but she told Delia about Lindy taking the job as a hostess at Fireman Freddy's, when Lindy texts her to come and help her at Fireman Freddy's, she immediately comes and helps her, when she sees Garrett in the dog suit, she gets scared and starts screaming and hitting him.

The New Guy

Jasmine sees a boy named Tom, she wants him in the gang because of his looks, she likes him even more when he tells her about the story of him and shark. However, he kept repeating the same story and Jasmine gets very annoyed and even starts rooting for the shark. She and the gang decide to kick him out but don't know how too so since he's afraid of heights take him skydiving so then he ditch them.

Dear High School Self

Jasmine is like a detective in the episode, she tries very hard to find out what Lindy wrote in her letter, when they go in the trash chute, she finds Lindy's letter which she had thrown away but however she and the gang get stuck and Garrett and her have an argument. Lindy luckily comes to help and rips the letter but Garrett fixes it and Jasmine is very disappointed and angry to find out what Lindy wrote but soon forgives her.

If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout

Logan and Jasmine make their own spray which makes vegetables taste more delicious. She also tries to h help Lindy to get in the group, as Logan doesn't want to put her in. The two also have a fight, because Logan makes the spray blue and ruins the whole thing.


Jasmine has a crush on a guy named Max , but then she realized she only liked him because of "the tuxedo effect". As he wears a tuxedo again and they want to go on their date, she realizes that Max only liked her because of her heels and is disappointed.

Lindy Nose Best

Jasmine agrees to fake date Logan to make her ex Mike, jealous. They spend a lot of time together. They also have pet names for each other, go on dates, and Logan even gives Jasmine flowers. At the end of the episode, Jasmine walks into Rumble juice and is revealed to have developed a crush on Logan during the experience, and almost tells Logan her crush on him, but he then says he's going to see a movie with Jenna, so decides not to tell him, leaving her heartbroken.

Bad News

Jasmine attempts to get a boyfriend, to possibly try and move on from Logan, but after several attempts, she gets into trouble and is forced to work on the news team. Jasmine is happy about this, but problems occur when Logan steps in as her co -anchor, to make the news more interesting. This is hard for Jasmine, because of her feelings for Logan. Its also believed that Logan has developed a crush on Jasmine in this episode.

Next of Pumpkin

Jasmine enters the Halloween dance to get back at an ex-boyfriend. She asks Garrett to be her partner for the competition and they practice for the dance. On the day of the of the contest, Garrett gets stuck in a corn maze and Jasmine starts to dance on her own. Logan walks in and sees Jasmine being laughed at and dances with her. During the dance, Logan spins Jasmine and they gaze into each others eyes, as if they were about to kiss and they win the contest. Later at Rumble Juice, Jasmine is seen talking to Logan and he says he just wanted to help her after she asks who manipulated him into dancing with her, making Jasmine blush. When Logan leaves, a girl asks Jasmine if she's dating Logan, and she replies with, "I wish", confessing her feelings aloud to the girl. Garrett walks in and overhears her confess her feelings, shocking him and runs out, and Jasmine is still thinking about Logan.


Jasmine is a smart, daring, and fashion-forward teenager. She is also always supportive of her four best friends. A fashionista since third grade, Jasmine thrives on good grades, pulling off daring pranks and having the perfect outfit for every occasion. Jasmine rocks her grades, extracurriculars and social life all at the same time!


Jasmine has light olive skin, long, straight brown hair with highlights, and brown eyes. She's the fashionista of the group, and wears very fashionable clothing and accessories.


Lindy Watson 

Best Friends

Lindy and Jasmine are best friends. Jasmine thinks that Lindy has a problem with one upping people but she still loves her and they always stick up for each other. Jasmine was really hurt about Lindy's letter in third grade, what also shows that their friendship means a lot to her.  (To learn more, see: Lismine)

Logan Watson

Best Friends/Crush/Possible Boyfriend

Jasmine and Logan are best friends. Jasmine is the reason why Logan wants to wear a bra according to his "Dear high school self" letter, because he copied it from her. They also did a spray together that makes vegetables taste more delicious. Jasmine has admitted to having feelings for Logan in Lindy Nose Best. They worked together on the school's news team in Bad News, and Logan was believed to have returned Jasmine's feelings in that episode. Later, in Next of a Pumpkin, she a Logan share a dance together, when Logan saves her from humiliation. It's rumored that they will become a couple in Merry Miss Sis.(To learn more, see: Jogan)

Delia Delfano

Best Friends

Delia and Jasmine are best friends. Jasmine was the one that told Delia that Lindy took the job as a hostess at Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station. The two are shown to be closer friends, for they enjoy chatting away in detention, going to Rumble Juice together, and heading off on wild adventures (reluctantly) with their three other friends.

Garrett Spenger

Best Friends

Jasmine and Garrett are best friends. They work together to accomplish many things, and are the ones out of the gang who have the most bickering arguements. They get along really well too. (To learn more, see: Jarrett)


Jasmine first saw Max at the cinema and instantly fell in love with him, which she soon found out was only because or his tuxedo, when he came to her locker, she didn't recognise him at all because he isn't wearing the tuxedo. In the end, Jasmine realises she doesn't really like Max.


  • She plays the cello.
  • She's scared of Flamey, Fireman Freddy's mascot. (Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station)
  • She is a good detective, and good at reading body language.
  • She is last of the main characters to have her full name revealed in Bad News.
  • She thrives on good grades, loves pulling off daring pranks, and having the perfect outfit for every occasion.
  • She's been a fashionista since before third grade.
  • She has a crush on Logan. (Starts in Lindy Nose Best)

Memorable Quotes

The Pilot

Be careful, she bites sometimes!
I'm talking about boys, I've hardly met any new ones.
She's already got four? I am so behind!
Come on guys, I’m going to walk these to home and give them a good stern talking to. Kids, am I right?
We are blowing up!
We are so legendary.

Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station

Check it out, I got an 'A' on Mr. Leach's Spanish test!
She took your job at Fireman Freddy's.
Bad Delia!

The New Guy

I know, not everyone can transition into the group as smoothly as I did.
And I know how! We pretend to be really needy!
[glares] And who was the last girl you dated? Ohh! I remember. It was your grandma when you took her to the homecoming dance!
We happen to live in a little place called the United States of America, pal! And it is our consitutional right to vote!

Dear High School Self

There's something in that letter that Lindy doesn't want us to know about. We need a plan to find out what it is.
Okay, talk to me when you finish a puzzle, Mr. Lake Ontario!
No, sweetie! She didn't!
Did the smell of hairspray and corns got stronger?
Hey Mrs. Babcorn- BABCOCK!

If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout

It makes broccoli, roccoli


Cole? You're going on a date with a blendista?
I'm in, but just to be clear Lindy, this is not a date. I don't like you like that, see how easy it is?
Wow Max, you look different, really different. *whispering* the tuxedo effect!
Finally! I finished my book report about on the Odyssey.

Snow Problem

And nobody loves snowboarders more than I do! They're at the top of my dude pyramid.

Dance Fever

Sherry? She’s one of the sweetest girl on school. One time I saw her tip the lunch lady.


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