Well, we do have chemistry.
Logan to Jasmine

If It Tastes Like a Brussels Sprout is the 5th episode in Season 1 and the fifth episode overall of the series, I Didn't Do It.


When Jasmine and Logan invent a spray that makes vegetables taste delicious, the five pals get a chance to put their entrepreneur skills to the test! 



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Patrick Malone as Barrucuda 1
  • Jeremy Scott Johnson as Barrucuda 2
  • Kelly Bolden Bashar as Barrucuda 3
  • Renee Percy as News Reporter Lady


  • This episode is most likely the episode that Peyton was referring to in an interview where Garrett has a problem with digesting vegetables.[1]
  • In this episode, Lindy and Logan's kitchen makes its first appearance.
  • The events in this episode share similarities with the ABC reality TV show Shark Tank.
  • Delia prefers to be called Guinea Pig.
  • This episode is the beginning of the Jogan Arc, due to its character interactions and the chemistry quote that makes Jasmine blush.
  • This episode showed more interaction between Jasmine and Logan.
  • This episode hints that Jasmine and Logan both like each other, which is proven to be true in future episodes. (Lindy Nose Best, Next of Pumpkin, Logan Finds Out!Falling for... Who?, Drum Beats, Heart Beats, and The Rescuers.)

International premieres

  • May 5, 2014 (Australia)
  • June 1, 2014 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • July 12, 2014 (Poland)
  • September 12, 2014 (Scandinavia)

Memorable Quotes

Delia: It tastes like feet [licks her foot]. You know, feet don't taste that bad!

Jasmine: This is fun, Logan. We never get to hang out
Logan: Well, we do have chemistry
Jasmine: (blushes) You think we have chemistry?
Logan: I know we do. Fourth period. I'm the guy always snoring behind you.
Jasmine: (seems a little disappointed) Okay, lets start testing some formulas
(Delia walks through the door)
Logan: Perfect timing. My assistant has arrived.
Delia: Please don't call me your assistant. That is so beneath me. I prefer guinea pig.

News Reporter Lady: Our network heard about your product.
Logan: Happy Time Flavor Changing Yum Yum Spray!

Lindy: So, Baracudas, as you'll see, our product, Happy Time Flavour Changing Yum Yum Spray, makes vegetables cool.

Jasmine: It makes broccoli, rock-oli.
Logan: It makes turnips, turn hip.

Delia: In other words it makes vegetables spray okay.

Logan: [after the gang vomits blue spray all over his shirt] So who's ready to invest?


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