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Evanston, IL

Fireman Freddy's is a restaurant in Evanston, IL where the gang used to hang out. In Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station, Lindy gets a job there.


Fireman Freddy's is only shown in Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station. When Lindy helps Delia get her job and finds a job at Fireman Freddy's, Lindy goes with Delia for the job interview for the job as a hostess in Fireman Freddy's. However the owner of the restaurant, Fireman Freddy doesn't like Delia and thinks she's weird and Delia doesn't get the job. Lindy goes back to Fireman Freddy's without Delia to convince the owner to give the job to Delia, she sees a family waiting and pretends to be the hostess, she does it perfectly and Fireman Freddy sees her and offers her a job, although Lindy at first declined she soon accepted.

When Lindy has to be a hostess at a party in Fireman Freddy's soon after, she calls the gang for help because it turns into chaos, they help her especially Delia but when Logan gets the hose it sprays all over Fireman Freddy's which causes the restaurant to be incredibly messy to Fireman Freddy's dismay.

Birthday SongEdit

It's your birthday, sound the alarm
'Cause having loads of fun won't do you no harm
So blow out the flames burning on your cake
But if you stuff your face too much you'll get a tummy ache!


  • They have a fire hose that pumps out tomato sauce.
  • Lindy had $10 an hour pay and a plastic fire hat with her name on it.
  • Garrett dressed as a dog there.
  • Most of the people that worked here either quit or got fired.
  • Delia auditioned for the hostess job here.
  • Lindy and Logan had their sixth, seventh and eight birthdays at Fireman Freddy's.
  • Jasmine is afraid of their mascot, Flamey.
  • Fireman Freddy's sponsored Logan's suit in Dance Fever.
  • Fireman Freddy's was only shown in Fireman Freddy's Spaghetti Station.
  • This was the gang's hang out spot when they were little kids.
  • This was the first place where Lindy got a job, the second being at the Chicago Museum of Art.

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