A snow girlfriend is starting to look pretty good right now...

Earth Boys Are Icky is the 13th episode in Season 1 of the series, I Didn't Do It.


Delia is convinced boys on earth are too ordinary for her and creates a strange device, partly developed by NASA, to communicate with outer space and attract an extraterrestrial boyfriend. Meanwhile, Logan finds himself in an even weirder relationship when he discovers his new girlfriend, Danica Bricker, is the strict vice principal’s daughter,[1] while Garrett tries to get over the loss of his "Bigger Buddy", Paul, by becoming one to another little boy, Finn.



Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • This is the first time Logan gets a girlfriend in the series.
  • This episode is part of Disney Channel’s “Out of This World” weekend.
  • Garrett's big buddy's name is Paul, which is also Peyton Clark's middle name.
  • The episode title is a pun on the 1988 musical romantic comedy "Earth Girls are Easy," starring Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum and Julie Brown, among others.

Memorable Quotes

Delia: He's coming for me! My alien boyfriend, and he's not alone! He either has three heads or two friends. Either way, I'm good.

International Premieres

  • September 21, 2014 (Latin America and Brazil)
  • November 23, 2014 (Poland)
  • February 22, 2015 (Japan)


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