β€œ I'm in love with you and I want us to be together. Forever. ”
β€” Logan when Jasmine thinks he's telling her he loves her.

"Drum Beats, Heart Beats" is the sixteenth episode in Season 2, of I Didn't Do It. It aired on September 11th, 2015, in the US, and aired on January 29th, 2016 in the UK.


When Jasmine starts spending more time with Logan over drum lessons, she discovers she still has feelings for him, even though she is dating Owen.


The episode starts off at school with Jasmine and Owen. When Owen leaves to go to the dentist, Jasmine sees Logan and tells him she wants to ask him something. Logan pictures Jasmine as the beautiful, perfect girl of his dreams, showing he is in love with her. Jasmine says, "If I break up with Owen, will you be my boyfriend? Forever?", in which Logan gets really excited about and says yes to. Jasmine, surprised, says she didn't expect Logan to be so excited about teaching her to play the drums, much to his disappointment, but he agrees to give her the lessons.
In Rumble Juice, Delia walks up to Lindy and mentions the time she wrote a play that Lindy starred in. (Logan Finds Out!) Delia says she is now writing a puppet show for kids and asks Lindy if she wants to do it with her, which she says yes to. Betty tells Garrett that there is a new employee starting the following day named Shelley, and he has to train her. Garrett thinks that because he has to train Shelley, he is getting a promotion, but Betty says no, saying he gets a five minute break, but they have just talked through the first one, much to Garrett's annoyance.

Jogan!! 😍

In the basement, Logan is seen playing the drums and Jasmine walks in, but he continues to play, probably to impress her. Jasmine says Logan was amazing and asks him if she would be able to do that after the first lesson and he says the first lesson is to be able to sit on the stool without falling off, which she manages to do. When Logan gets Jasmine to try a new exercise called a 'paradiddle', she can't do it so Logan gets behind her and helps her, much to his own delight. Lindy walks in and sees this and gets very excited. Lindy decides to go back upstairs, obviously not wanting to interrupt their moment, with excitement.

In Rumble Juice, Garrett trains Shelley, but throughout the episode, she tries to get him fired, especially since he pays for customer's smoothie's when they don't have money.


Aw, poor Logan.

Back in the basement, Delia walks in and asks Lindy if she can stay there for the weekend because her dad's are going on holiday, which Lindy happily says yes to. Later, Jasmine and Logan are seen in the basement having a drum lesson and Jasmine has improved a lot. When Jasmine succeeds in playing the drums, she falls off the seat and Logan catches her. Caught up in the moment, they lock, and gaze into each other's eyes. Logan leans into Jasmine, he almost kisses her for the third time and Jasmine realizes she's still in love with Logan after Jasmine almost cheats on Owen with Logan.
They're Just Stating At Each Other!

Jasmine and Logan are just staring at each other! 😊

However, the moment is ruined when Owen walks in, sees Jasmine in Logan's arms and becomes suspicious that there is something going on between the two, which there is. Jasmine nervously explains what happened, whilst blushing, trying to cover up that she almost cheated on Owen with Logan and Jasmine and Logan just stare at each other when he makes her laugh. Jasmine leaves with Owen, leaving Logan really upset and heartbroken again.

Lindy and Delia do their play for the kids, but it doesn't go well, which leads to Delia becoming really mad at Lindy, because Lindy wants to add conflict even though Delia has told her its about friendship and getting along, which causes the two to have a small argument.

In school, Owen talks to Jasmine and tells her that he suspects there's something between her and Logan that is "more than just friends", which there is, but Jasmine denies it, saying she did like him, but its history as if Jasmine is saying that she did date Logan, but they broke up since they "dated and "broke up" the year before, even though Jasmine has discovered she does still love Logan.


They're both really happy! 😊

Delia continues to be mad at Lindy for messing up the play, but the girls make up. In the basement, Lindy is there and Jasmine walks in. Lindy asks Jasmine how the drum lessons are going and she says really well. Lindy asks Jasmine if that is the only reason she's spending time with Logan and Jasmine asks what other reason would there be. Lindy mentions that Jasmine had a big crush on Logan, Jasmine gets kinda nervous and starts to explain to Lindy that she and Logan had a romantic moment, (almost kissing) but is unable to finish the explination as she is thinking about him. Logan comes downstairs and Lindy leaves. Logan asks Jasmine if she's ready to perform, but Jasmine pictures him saying he loves her and wants them to be together...forever, again hinting marriage, which shows that Jasmine does still love Logan. Logan asks Jasmine what she thought he said and she gets nervous and says it's what she thought he said, even though it's actually not, and Jasmine turns away, smiling to herself, obviously happy she still loves Logan, leaving the episode on a sort of cliffganger until the next Jogan episode.

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In the final scene, at Rumble Juice, Garrett talks to Shelley and tells her that she has been fired for trying to get him fired. Shelley tells Garrett that she wanted all the privileges he was getting and Garrett kicks Shelly out of Rumble Juice, telling her to get out, which she does. Betty asks Garrett to clean the bathroom and Garrett regrets firing Shelley, saying he was too early to do it, ending the episode.


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  • Allisyn Ashley Arm as Shelley


Jasmine: (when she master's the drums) Yes!
(Jasmine falls off the drum seat, Logan catches her and she falls into his arms. Logan leans into Jasmine, and they almost kiss.)

Jasmine: Oh, hey, Logan. There's something I've been wanting to ask you.
Logan: Okay
Jasmine: Its... kind of a big thing
Logan: What is it?
Jasmine: Oh, well, I wanted to ask you was... (in Logan's mind) If I break up with Owen, will you be my boyfriend? Forever?
Logan(excitedly) Yes, yes, oh yes!
Jasmine: Wow. I didn't think you would be that excited about teaching me to play the drums
Logan: I'm sorry, what?
Jasmine: I asked you if you would give me drum lessons. What did you think I said?
Logan: Uh...that's what I heard. I'm just... super excited about stuff, lately
Jasmine: Okay. Wanna go to Rumble Juice?
Logan: Yes, yes, oh yes! See?

Logan: This is a big day. Are you ready for this?
Jasmine: Ready for what?
Logan: (in Jasmine's mind) I'm in love with you, and I want us to be together. Forever
Jasmine: What? You really mean that?
Logan: Of course I do. You're totally ready for your first solo
Jasmine: Oh, uh, right
Logan: What did you think I said?
Jasmine: Uh...exactly that


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  • This episode has more drumming involved in it, where Logan plays the drums again and Jasmine learns to play them. It is also the second episode to feature drumming, the first was Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday, and the third is The Rescuers.
  • The Jogan Arc continues in this episode, and is part 6.
  • This episode is known as a Jogan special, since it is centered around Jasmine and Logan. It is also the third episode to known as a Jogan special, the others were Logan Finds Out! and Falling for... Who? The forth is The Rescuers.
  • Allisyn Ashley Arm, who portrayed Zora Lancaster in Sonny With A Chance, guest stared in this episode as Shelley. It was her first appearance on a Disney Channel show since Sonny With A Chance, in about 4 years.
  • Jordan Fisher, Piper's co-star from Teen Beach 2 attended the live taping, along with Jake Short, one of Piper's close friends.[1]
  • Jasmine learns to play the drums, with Logan teaching her. In real life, Piper Curda can play the drums.
Jogan - DB, HB!!
  • The title refers to Jasmine and Logan playing the drums and Jasmine realizing she still loves Logan.
  • Since there was said to be an episode called "Do the Magic Katie, Do the Magic", so its possible that since Shelley and Owen were supposed to be in that episode, and both episodes were the sixteenth episodes, that may have been another tittle for this episode.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Logan truly is in love with Jasmine, even though he actually doesn't officially admit it until in the finale.
  • Jasmine and Logan both hint marriage in this episode, when they both say 'forever' in their fantasy's.
  • Jasmine and Logan both have fantasy's about each other.
  • This was the second episode to feature Delia writing an original play, and casting Lindy to act in it, the other being Logan Finds Out! Ironically, both episode were to do Jasmine and Logan's relationship.
  • In Jasmine's mind, Logan admits he loves her.
  • There are references to previous Jogan episodes.
  • This episode is left on a sort of cliffhanger, until Jasmine and Logan finally "get back together" in the finale.
  • In this episode, Jasmine thinks Logan is telling her he loves her, which he finally admits to her in the finale.
  • This episode is referenced in The Rescuers, along with Falling for... Who?
  • This episode was similar to Lindy Nose Best, because in that episode, Jasmine revealed she had feelings for Logan even though she didn't actually say she liked him, and in this episode, she revealed she still had feelings for him even though she didn't actually say it.
  • The scene where Lindy was talking to Jasmine about her crush she had on Logan was similar to the Austin & Ally episode, "Proms & Promises", because Lindy told Jasmine that she used to have a crush on Logan for a very long time after Jasmine and Logan "broke up" and that Jasmine and Logan "dated" and "broke up" the year before. And in the Austin and Ally episode, Piper told Austin that she knew that Austin and Ally used to date, but it was history, and then Austin and Ally got back together in the following episode like how Jasmine and Logan "got back together" in The Rescuers, as that episode was a sort of continuation to this episode.
  • The episode, Logan Finds Out!, is referenced twice in this episode - when Delia mentions to Lindy about the play she wrote - and when Lindy tells Jasmine that she had a crush on Logan for a very long time.
  • Fanlala described this episode as a love triangle and that Jasmine's feelings for Logan are showing more than ever. [2]
  • It's revealed that Delia could be adopted as she said dads when Lindy asked why she wanted to stay at her house.
  • In the promo, it said that Jasmine had to choose between Logan and Owen - who she wanted to be with - but she didn't actually make her choice until The Rescuers. She chose Logan.
  • This is one of Olivia Holt's favourite episodes.


  • Jasmine said she had always wanted to play an instrument, like she had never played one, but in Season 1, she said she played the cello.
  • Owen shouldn't have just walked through the door to the basement as it is illegal to just walk through someone's door without knocking.


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