Hear ye, hear ye, let the great dare to chew contest begin!

"Dog Date Afternoon! is the fifth episode in Season 2, of I Didn't Do It. It premiered on March 22, 2015. It is the 25th episode overall.


Jasmine lands a new set of "older" friends when she volunteers at the senior center. Meanwhile, Delia borrows Lindy's foster pooch, Ralph, for a date with Brandon and his dog, Coco, but ends up bringing the wrong dog back! Logan and Garrett play a game which leads to Garrett taking Betty out. 


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Carol Locatell as Carol
  • Jonathon McClendon as Brandon
  • Terrence Beaser as Mr. Staley
  • Casey Williams as Ms. Webber


Logan: Hey, Jaz. What you got there?
Jasmine: It's a yoga mat. I'm teaching a class to seniors
Garrett: Senior girls in yoga pants. I'm in.
Jasmine: Not senior girls. Senior citizens.
Garrett: I'm out.
Logan: How'd you get stuck teaching yoga?
Jasmine: I didn't get stuck. I like to be around older people. They've lived, they're interesting, they have stories to tell.
Logan:You get school credit for this?
Jasmine: A ton. See ya.


  • Delia's dad is allergic to dogs.
  • Delia and Brandon are cat people.
  • Lindy fostered a new dog, Ralph.
  • Garrett won the challenge.
  • Logan did actually know about Jasmine's crush on him in this episode, as it was filmed after Logan Finds Out!


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I Didn't Do It - Dog Date Afternoon - Promo

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