Delia and Betty is the friendship paring between Delia Delfano and Betty LeBow. Even though the two weren't seen speaking much early in the season, it is shown later that they have become closer. For example, in Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday, Delia comments to Betty she is so glad they're related, even though they're actually not.

Other Names

  • Deltty (Delia/Betty)


Slumber Partay

  • Betty calls Delia sassy
  • Delia says hey to Betty

Lindy & Logan Get Psyched!

Logan Finds Out!

  • Betty constantly asks Delia if she can be in her play
  • Delia says hi to Betty
  • At the end of the episode, Betty asks Delia where is
  • Delia eventually gives Betty the role of the tree, only for Betty to not accept since she has no lines.

Stevie Likes Lindy

  • Betty knows when Delia is manipulating Garrett
  • They are seen talking
  • Delia says a chill has just gone down her spine when she gives her an evil smile
  • Betty somewhat scares Delia

Lindy and Logan's Brrrrthday

  • They both help out with Lindy and Logan's birthday party
  • They have a talk about the party
  • Betty helps Delia by opening the door for her
  • Delia realises, from Betty's help, that her fight with Jasmine is silly
  • Delia looks at Betty weirdly
  • Delia tells Betty she is so happy they're related (even though they're actually not) and hugs her

Elementary, My Dear Watson

  • When Betty says she isn't sure what her crew in the cost guard were trying to tell her when giving her the horn, Delia says she has a theory (her personality), and Betty tells Delia to keep it to herself
  • Delia tells Betty to kiss the horn goodbye since Logan is solving the mystery

Doggie Daddy

  • Delia and Betty talk
  • Betty smiles at Delia
  • Betty calls Delia her girl
  • Delia asks Betty if she will be okay since she now knows the truth about Mr. Sparks, showing she cares about her
  • Betty calls Delia a sweet kid

The Rescuers

  • Betty enjoys Delia's (and the gang's) performance
  • Delia smiles at Betty
  • They are both (along with Lindy and Garrett) cheering and really happy when they watch Jasmine and Logan finally kiss and become a couple "for real", because they both ship them together



  • They both like the theatre
  • They both ship Jasmine and Logan as a couple (along with Lindy and Garrett)
  • They've both had a boyfriend
  • They're both quite sassy
  • They both have brown eyes
  • They both have black hair
  • They're both female


  • Delia is a teenager, but Betty is an adult
  • Betty works at Rumble Juice, but Delia doesn't



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