Brandon and Delia was the romantic paring betwen Delia Delfano and Brandon. They first met in Dog Date Afternoon! and it was implied that they started dating in that episode. It was later revealed in Falling for... Who?, that they were officially dating, but they broke up in The Rescuers.


Dog Date Afternoon!Edit

  • They meet for the first time
  • It is shown that Delia has a crush on Brandon as soon as they meet
Dog Date Afternoon Screencaps7
  • When Brandon thinks the dog (that Lindy's fostering) is her's he asks Delia out to the dog park
  • Delia blushes when Brandon asks her out and agrees
  • Delia tells Brandon the truth that the dog isn't really her's and that she likes him
  • Brandon tells Delia that he did the same by pretending that a dog was his so that Delia would like him
  • It's implied that they have started dating in this episode

Falling for... Who?Edit

  • Its revealed that they are officially dating
  • They walk into Rumble Juice together after a date
  • Brandon says the cat conversion this year, is extra special, whilst smiling at Delia and she giggles nervously.
  • Brandon calls Delia 'Delz'
  • Brandon turns up at the school dance to surprise Delia as her date
  • Delia is really happy when she sees Brandon at the dance
  • They attend the dance together
  • Delia realizes that Brandon has covered her eyes
  • They hug
  • They share a slow dance

The RescuersEdit

  • When Delia said she wanted to break up with Brandon, she didn't want to hurt him, showing how much she cared about his feelings
  • Brandon was crying when he was dumped by Delia through Garrett



  • They both have dark hair
  • They both liked each other
  • They both like cats


  • Delia is a main character, Brandon is a recurring character
  • Delia is female, Brandon is male
  • Delia wears glasses, Brandon doesn't.